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10 email marketing tips to increase engagement
2 min read

10 email marketing tips to increase engagement

10 email marketing tips to increase engagement

Email keeps people connected. That's a fact!

Go beyond email list quality!

There are many ways to increase the effectiveness of email marketing, from testing subject lines and creative to increasing frequency and discounts. Below you will read ten tips to increase the engagement of your emails, to grow the email sourced traffic and ultimately, sales. Sounds good, right? :)

1. Check your email list quality regularly.
Check for anything returned as undeliverable, incorrect or non-existent email addresses, and remove them. To see how “clean” your email list is, you can use an email validation service.

2. Use numbers and statistics
Numbers make your audience slow down and think. Use that to your advantage. Use numbers and stats throughout your writing, and especially in your headers, to attract and hold your reader's attention.

3. Keep it short
When people read an email, they don't sit down and take in the entire thing. More often than not, they skim the content. Learn to be concise and make your mail easy to read.

4. Don't use an impersonal greeting
Be more personable. People are far more likely to interact with an email that starts, "Hi Jake!" than one that begins, "Good day to you, sir or madam...".

5. Make your subject line relevant.
If it’s nothing but clickbait, people might be reluctant to open it next time. Be sincere and highlight the most important part of the email in the subject line.

6. Be more personal
This doesn’t mean you have to write your email to every email address, but try to tailor it as if you were only sending it to one person.

7. Link to your social media accounts.
If people enjoy your email content they may well be interested in what you’ve got to say elsewhere.

8. Include a call to action.
Of course you want people to enjoy reading your email, but don’t forget the end game: you want them to do something as a result. The call to action must be clear and straightforward.

9. Make sure your emails are mobile friendly.
This is becoming increasingly important as many people (myself included) prefer to read emails on their phone. Most email service providers allow you to see the mobile preview and make the required changes.

10. Use a P.S. line
P.S. lines can help build the desire for the product you're marketing and create an additional sense of urgency in your reader. It also highlights the benefits people might have if they follow your call to action.

Here's an interesting infographic from our friends at MooSend, with useful tips you need to keen in mind for a successful email marketing campaign:
Periodic Table of Deliverability ScoreGraphic from

That’s it! Ten simple yet effective tips to increase engagement and create an awesome email marketing campaign. Always monitor your email list quality when sending campaigns. Keep a close eye on this! A clean email list filled with people who want to hear from you, will always give the best engagement!

What other tips do you take into account when you’re creating your email marketing campaigns? Let us know in the comments below.