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2020 Email Marketing Must-Reads from DataValidation
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2020 Email Marketing Must-Reads from DataValidation

2020 Email Marketing Must-Reads from DataValidation

2020 has been a really active year at DataValidation. In keeping with our promise to be your reliable partner for all things email, we have shared a lot of interesting articles, ranging from tips and tricks, best practices, explainers, and step-by-step guides. Given the current situation, we can proudly say that it has been an honor to be your trusted source for the latest developments in the email marketing field, in-depth analysis on improving email results, and examples of successful campaigns from established companies.

We want to take a moment and look at some of the most interesting pieces of content that we have shared this year. We are grateful for your support and hope to continue to be one of your prime sources of information and inspiration in the year to come.

Best tools for email marketing

We know very well how important is to have the most appropriate tools at your disposal when crafting efficient email marketing campaigns. That’s why we have suggested 9 of the best tools you can pick for your toolkit. Further reading: 12 online tools for every marketer; 4 startup email tools.

How to’s

One of the things we, at DataValidation, treasure the most is helping readers understand complex tactics. We have put a lot of effort into creating easy guides on various topics ranging from how to grow email lists, how to create efficient CTAs, how to craft onboarding emails to how to use email lists for advertising campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or LinkedIn Ads. All-in-all, we believe our resources have been a great source of inspiration for DataValidation users to solve issues, perfect their tactics, and keep up with the latest trends in the industry.

Email Marketing Essentials

Because we know first-hand how overwhelming the email marketing field can be for junior marketers, we have started one of our most ambitious projects of the year. Over the span of two months, we have published in-depth articles relating to all the aspects of email marketing, from explaining common terminology and its use, compressing the process of creating an email marketing strategy into 8 steps, highlighting tips and tricks for building, growing and maintaining email lists, showcasing examples of what works and what doesn’t when sending out emails to defining email regulations and best practices, explaining how A/B testing works and, finally, offering the most useful email marketing checklist.

Explanatory content

DataValidation is one of the first players in the email verification field. With that in mind, we have come to understand that we are in the best position to tackle some of the most pressing issues related to email marketing. It was not an easy task, considering how many developments we have witnessed this year, but these articles serve as a testament to our commitment to high-quality content. Here are two of the best articles that address two pressing issues: how AI-generated content will impact the marketing field and what the new Facebook email marketing tools mean for your business.

Email for Sales

DataValidation users come in all shapes and sizes. From large businesses with integrated marketing and sales teams to solopreneurs just starting out. We strive to be helpful to all our customers. To properly address our Account Executive readers, we have started a short series with topics of interest to them: email best practices for sales teams, how to write cold emails, and what to know before sending out sales emails.

Email inspiration

With so much competition for attention and eyeballs, it is not surprising that marketers and entrepreneurs are constantly searching for inspiration. That’s why we have tried our best to generate listicles that highlight some excellent examples of emails for webinars, retention emails, offer emails, Black Friday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas emails. Learning from real-life examples is a great way of getting inspired by proven practices adopted by some of the largest companies on the market.

Final thoughts

Finally, we want to thank all our readers for their curiosity, their endless search for information and answers, and for their trust in our content and our company. We can only promise to reward that trust with more insightful articles in 2021 and to continue to provide top-of-the-line resources.