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3 Tips to Maximize the Last Days of Summer
2 min read

3 Tips to Maximize the Last Days of Summer

3 Tips to Maximize the Last Days of Summer

Labor Day weekend signals the end of summer and beginning of the upcoming season. Seems too early to be thinking about Fall? Well, as an email marketer, you should always be thinking ahead! We know you already have marketing ideas popping in your head for the holidays. You’ve probably started brainstorming about future autumn promotions or even snowflake-covered email templates!

Summertime tends to be a slower period for email marketing, so why not use the down time to prepare for the upcoming season?

Clean your email list!

With summer whizzing by, we’ve started thinking through upcoming holidays as well. The next big one coming up is Labor Day Weekend, so why not make your email list work for you? Using an email list verification service to clean your contact list before sending out a campaign will surely increase your deliverability and engagement rates. Use coupon code SUMMER17 for 17% OFF your next list cleaning at checkout!

Segment your list

Segmentation matters! A hunting gear promotion may spark the interest to some, but will not mean as much to those in real estate. Not all subscribers have the same interests, so sending a broad email to all your subscribers will not give you the results you are looking for. Use this slower time to really get to know your contacts and how they interact. Take time to look through your email contacts and create personalized, custom-tailored segments that fits their wants and needs.

Remove inactives

Take some time to review last year’s campaign statistics. Let’s face it, the ones opening your emails are the ones actually engaged in what you have to offer. They are the ones you truly want to target and the ones who are going to bring in the revenue!

You’ve tried reaching out to the inactive, but, they seem to remain idle. Here’s what you can do: consider a reconfirm campaign. A reconfirm campaign is a simple, no-marketing email which gives recipients the opportunity to reconfirm themselves on your list. If they are interested and want to remain subscribed, they will re-opt in. If not, continuing communication attempts may actually cost you more rather than removing them from your list.

Plan Ahead

Go ahead and think about all the holidays coming up. Prepare your campaigns in advance to to create high quality work and to avoid any last minute rush. When you plan ahead, you are planning your success. Brainstorm, plan and let your campaign take off!

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