Do you know why your email open rate is low? Here are 4 reasons

If you find that your open rates are lower than the industry average, you may have a problem that needs to be fixed.
Here are 4 reasons why your email open rates are lower than they should be:

1. Wrong subscribers

If you purchased an email list, your open rates will be below the industry average. **Never ever purchase an email list!** They don't know who you are and they don't expect an email from you. Your emails might get in spam and your inbox deliverability will be low.

2. A list with no segmentation

If you send the same email to everyone, you'll never get the kind of engagement you're looking for. Segment your list based on demographics, interests and purchase history and create your emails based on those segmentations.

3. Lots of inactive subscribers and invalid emails

If a big part of your list are not active (haven't engaged for more than 6 months), that will get your open rates even lower and your inbox deliverability will be affected.

Having inactive emails on your list when sending your campaign will greatly affect your sender reputation and in tern inbox placement. Using a reputable email list scrubber to validate your list will help you avoid any sending issues.

4. Boring subject lines

If you want to improve your email open rates, you've to focus on creating a better subject line. There are 2 types of subject lines that could improve your open rate: *direct subject lines* and *curiosity subject lines*. In a **direct subject line**, you tell the subscriber exactly what to expect in the email. For example, *"How to cleanup your email list"* is a direct subject line. A **curiosity subject line** entices people to open your email because they are curious about what's inside the email. For example, *"You won't believe what just happened..."* is a curiosity subject line.

These email tips and best practices should help you to improve your email open rates and achieve a more successful campaign. How is your email campaign working for you?


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