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4 Ways to Get Your Holiday Emails Soaring
3 min read

4 Ways to Get Your Holiday Emails Soaring

4 Ways to Get Your Holiday Emails Soaring

Holiday email campaigns can be tricky. There's a lot of time and preparation that goes into creating just the right emails for the season! Here are some tips to get your email campaigns soaring to new heights. This week we discuss holiday email campaigns, maximizing ROI, creative email design, and Gmail's new 'block' functionality.
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8 quick fixes to boost your email marketing ROI | Emma Email

"But if you find that your emails aren't paying off quite as well as you had hoped, never fear! Here are 8 simple methods you can use to improve your campaigns and achieve the crazy good ROI that makes email the most cost-effective strategy on the digital marketing scene." McKenzie Van Meter

Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach and impact customers and subscribers. Do you feel you're getting the most from email campaigns currently being sent? Emma provides 8 great tips on improving email marketing ROI. More email, automation and customer behavior are just a few of the areas you can rethink and spruce up to see better results. Read more >>

The 3 Black Friday Email Campaign Must-Do’s | WhatCounts

"Sure it’s Black Friday, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun and go colorful with your creative. Think of ways you can celebrate the Black Friday theme without going all black and white." Fawn Young

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, campaigns for Black Friday sales are being created faster than you can read this. Are you ready? Due to the volume of mail sent during this time of the year, holiday email campaigns can be trickier than usual. If you haven’t already, make sure your emails are ready to be viewed on mobile. Keep your campaigns creative and think outside the box to grab the reader's attention. Have you ever considered same day remailing? Black Friday might be the day to give this a try. Read more >>

How To Kick Off Your Holiday Email Strategy With A Whiteboard | MailJet

"Consider what’s worked well for you before, as well as competitor and industry trends. Drawing together all of these points will help you and your team come up with words or themes to focus your campaign on." Sasha Seddon

Get an inside view to the MailJet marketing team as they prepare for the holiday rush. They share 3 of their main approaches during the holidays. Get comfortable with your past - past data that is. Take the necessary time to analyze your past campaigns and their results. This will help you plan and improve the email you send out this year. Don’t forget the customer in all of this planning, though. What do they want to receive? What are the trends and customer behaviors you’re seeing? Make a plan, decide on what your goals are and start sending! Read more >>

How to Send Emails That Gmail Users Won’t Block | MailChimp

"You can avoid causing subscribers this kind of confusion by following some basic email marketing best practices. In other words, check yourself before you wreck yourself." Anna

By now you have surely heard something about Gmail’s new “block sender” feature. As an email sender I bet you hardly consider this a feature; you may see it as more of a blocker than anything else - a blocker keeping you from placement in the inbox. Anna, from MailChimp, gives a different perspective on this new update, plus some tips on how you can use this feature to your advantage as an email marketer. Read more >>

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