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5 Articles to Chalk Up Sender Reputation
3 min read

5 Articles to Chalk Up Sender Reputation

5 Articles to Chalk Up Sender Reputation

Learning the history of email can help you understand how ISPs and ESPs measure your sender reputation. This weekly roundup focuses on the importance of maintaining a good sender reputation, and reviews how email is delivered to the inbox. Use our email cleaning service to achieve your sending goals!
This Week in Email is a weekly digest of email deliverability updates, email marketing news, and tips on email list quality. If you have an article you would like us to consider, send us a tweet @datavalidation.

Reputation Matters: How to Make Sure Your Emails Get Delivered to the Inbox | AWeber

"If the word “reputation” conjures up old memories of how others perceived you in high school, you’re actually not too far off from how it relates to email." Mohammed Ahmed

Reputation is everything! Your reputation can affect the way others perceive you or your brand, and change the way people interact with you. The same goes for email. If you want your emails to be well received, focus on sender reputation first. Understanding what improves or diminishes email sender reputation is the key to raising deliverability rates. Read more >>

Where can I mail a purchased list? | Word to the Wise

"If you’re in the situation where the choice is send to the list or get fired then you have some hard decisions to make. Is this your line in the sand?" Laura Atkins

Ask any email marketing expert what they think about purchased email lists and the answers will be unanimous and clear: stay away! Don’t spend your time and resources on a list of emails that has been purchased. The results will be poor and your efforts will be wasted. Problems arise when others in your company don’t see eye to eye on this topic. The decision to use a purchased email list can come from higher up, and you may have no say in the matter. Laura from Word to the Wise offers advice on handling such situations. Read more >>

Top Measures To Improve Sender Reputation & Email Deliverability | Benchmark Email

"Email deliverability is an issue faced by many companies depending on email to send important messages to their customers. Over 20% of acceptable emails, including email & shipping confirmations and password resets never reach the recipient’s inbox." Benchmark Team

Getting your content in the inbox of your subscribers is the number one goal and the email list validation service we provide will help you achieve that goal! Your email marketing success greatly depends on a high deliverability rate. The Benchmark Team reviews the main areas to focus on to improve deliverability. Start by sending email to the right people, and continue to monitor factors such as the volume of emails sent, complaint rates and spam traps. Read more >>

How Email Works, Part One: The Story of "Send" | ClickZ

"I wrote an article listing five things every email marketer should know. A common response was "Ok, so where can we learn this?" Here then is my explanation of how email is delivered. i.e. What happens when you hit "send" in your email platform." Derek Harding

Have you ever wondered what happens once you hit the “send” button? Yes, of course you know the email is sent and delivered to the recipient. But how does your email make it from your ESP to the correct inbox? Derek Harding from ClickZ explains what goes on in the background. He provides a step by step explanation on what happens once you hit send to when the email reaches the mail server. This is the first of two articles detailing the way an email reaches the inbox. Read more >>

How Email Works: Part Two | ClickZ

"In part one we looked at what happens to an email marketing message from the point at which you hit “send” until it reaches the receiving site’s servers. We followed the message through the submission to the ESP’s MTA and then over SMTP to the ISP’s MTA. There are, however, several more steps to take before it reaches the end recipient." Derek Harding

You hit the send button, and now you know what is going on and how your email reaches the mail server. The next step is to get your email placed in the correct inbox within an ISP. Each ISP, like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and others, take different approaches to how they handle incoming email. Derek Harding continues his series with his second article, giving an overview of what happens once your email reaches the ISPs. Read more >>