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5 best Black Friday email campaigns
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5 best Black Friday email campaigns

5 best Black Friday email campaigns

The end of the year is always a great time for businesses to hype sales events and offer clients something extra for their purchases. With so many holidays packed in such a short time period, is no wonder that companies are all competing for the attention of prospects. Black Friday, which last year saw 93.2 million shoppers making online purchases, is probably the biggest event that eCommerce and SaaS businesses are planning all year. According to the same source, 30% of all retail sales happen from Balck Friday until Christmas. To help you decide how to create the perfect Black Friday email campaigns, we have picked 5 of the best examples around.

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To properly showcase the variety of options you have at your disposal when generating a Black Friday promotion, we will look at examples from a large variety of industries. But let’s clarify some things before getting started. Considering that last year the average discount was 37%, try to offer something in that range. Furthermore, it is critical that you promote your offers with more than just an email. Learn how to use your email list to create advertising campaigns on Google Ads, LinkedIn or Facebook, and Instagram. That will allow you to have a multi-channel approach to your marketing activities. But you should also use social media, blog posts, and partnerships to get the word out. Never rely on just one channel to achieve your goals.

Black Friday email campaigns

Let’s start looking over the 5 best Black Friday email campaigns that you can use to draw inspiration from.


Google Black Friday Email

Being such a big company, Google is without a doubt a trendsetter in terms of design. Their minimalist emails are no exception, as expected. In their Black Friday email campaign, Google decided to go with a very simple template, one that showcases how seamless their devices are. They could fit into your home without drawing too much attention to themselves. That is something that an exceptional email campaign gets right: emphasize the benefits of the product or solution that you are promoting. Let the product speak for itself.

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If you manage to do that with the design of your marketing assets, the likelihood of them grabbing customers’ attention grows exponentially. Another thing we really liked about Google’s Black Friday promotion is the fact that they allowed enough room for each product to shine. Users might expect big discounts, but they will also be curious about specific discounts. When they find the product they are looking for, they will go right to the website to find out more details.


Grammarly Black Friday Email

While Cyber Monday might be a better fit for SaaS companies, many of them opt for creating Black Friday campaigns simply because most shoppers are already inclined to spend more then. That’s exactly what Grammarly is doing here as well.

With a large discount and a visual asset that places the entire emphasis on the numbers, Grammarly has created a memorable email campaign. Sometimes, all you have to do to engage users is to sell them on the most important aspect of the Black Friday promotion. They already know your product, they know what to expect and they probably are more likely than non-subscribers to convert. The overall discount will at least encourage them to visit your website and get more details. If that happens, your email campaign has done its job.

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Putting the discount front and center is a good trick used by a lot of businesses to deliver more traffic and conversion. If you think it can have a good impact on your campaign, do not hesitate to mimic it for your Black Friday communications.


UnderArmour Black Friday Email

For a brand that caters to sports enthusiasts, UnderArmour had to deliver an experience that not only speaks to them but something that is also memorable and engaging. You might notice that the email campaign does not speak about any discount, but tries to stoke demand with a product and an influencer. It goes beyond classic Black Friday marketing activities and we cannot express how refreshing that is.

Doing things by the book will probably result in average results. If it’s one thing that UnderArmour proves with this email campaign is that it pays off to experiment with different ideas and try out new approaches to recurring challenges. They use the power of scarcity and the brand notoriety of renowned Stephen Curry to generate buzz around a new product.

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If your business permits, try to do something similar. Launch a limited product for Black Friday and watch your customers compete to purchase it. If that doesn’t apply to your case, there is still one important lesson to be learned from UnderArmour. Try to stand out with something more than just a discount. That will benefit your bottom line, while also help your brand stand out in a crowded field of discounts.


PrettyLittleThing Black Friday Email

Black Friday can be a great time to try out new ideas, but that doesn’t mean that you need to forget what makes your brand special for your clients. They expect a certain experience when interacting with you and you should always strive to match that experience. This is what PrettyLittleThing does extremely well. They are not trying to reinvent the wheel, but they rely on their brand to make an impact.

The discount is the most prominent element of their email campaign. But they also use color to stand out. With bold colors and fonts, PrettyLittleThing makes sure that subscribers are invested in their newsletter and that they will easily understand the main message. Here, the main topic is very clear: users get 30% off everything in the store. When everything is up for grabs, there is no need to highlight any particular item, because the value proposition does not require it. The brand is the one that will help customers take the leap.

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As long as you have a reputable brand that subscribers are familiar with, offering a fixed discount for all products is the best approach. It ensures that customers that were hoping to find their favorite items on sale will make a purchase. But it also means that customers that were probably not expecting a sale will have a reason to research your entire store to find something they might like.

National Geographic Store

National Geographic Store Black Friday Email

Black Friday can be a great opportunity for companies to clear their inventory. If they have products that are only gathering dust on shelves, selling them at a discount would actually make a lot of sense. The storage space filled by underselling items can be used for storing newer products. This is especially valuable for businesses that sell a lot of different products. That diversity comes at a cost. But getting rid of underperforming items will free up space and money for purchasing new items.

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The National Geographic Store, which sells books, DVD, maps and gear, to just name a few examples, could be a great example of a company that can use Black Friday to clear their inventory. And their email campaign seems to suggest just that. With an eye catching discount, the store encourages subscribers to browse all categories on its shop to find the deal they were looking for.

If you are also in the wholesale business, you can learn a thing or two from the National Geographic Store Black Friday campaign. Spark some curiosity in your customers and give them an incentive to dig deep into your shop until they find the items they are interested in.