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5 Ways to Overcome the Spam Blues
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5 Ways to Overcome the Spam Blues

5 Ways to Overcome the Spam Blues

From learning to embrace spam filters (spam trap checkers) to educating your subscribers on whitelisting, this weekly roundup includes insight from Return Path, Word to the Wise, Pinpointe Marketing, ClickZ and Message Systems. This Week in Email is a digest of email marketing news, email deliverability tips, and cool ESP products and features. If you have an article you would like us to consider, send us a tweet @datavalidation.

Return Path's Guide to Spam Filters | Return Path

"Filter technology plays a massive role in the success of your email campaigns. This is why at Return Path, we encourage our clients to embrace spam filters, learn how they work, and understand how the Mailbox Providers (MBPs) use them." Dana Huten

There are a few thousand articles out there on how to avoid a spam filter. But did you know that it’s impossible to completely bypass spam filters even if you are using a spam trap checker? This common misconception is why Return Path encourages email marketers to embrace spam filters and learn how they work with different Mailbox Providers. Your email will inevitably pass through a spam filter. A decision will be made on whether or not your email makes it to the inbox, is placed in another category, or blocked altogether. Learn what a spam filter is, the basics of filter technology, and how filters use reputation to decide where an email is placed in this excerpt from Return Path’s Spam Filter Guide. Read more.

Four things to check before your next mailing | Word to the Wise

"Email isn’t set and forget. It’s worthwhile to go through your email systems regularly and check to confirm it’s all set up correctly. Things change in a system, and these changes can result in problems with email." Laura Atkins

When was the last time you went through your email infrastructure to check how everything is running? Is your DKIM signature up to date? Do you know if your unsubscribe link is working properly? Small changes can happen in your email system, and this can cause problems when mailing out a campaign. Laura Atkins shares four areas to check quarterly to ensure everything is running smoothly. Read more.

Whitelisting Email Addresses - A Comprehensive "How To" Instructional Guide | Pinpointe Marketing

"To ensure all of your campaigns are landing in your subscribers’ inboxes, you need to take a few steps to prompt your subscribers to "whitelist" your email campaigns. Once whitelisted by a subscriber, these email addresses will bypass all blacklists and spam filters." Eryn Branham

As discussed above, Mailbox Providers look at a variety of factors when deciding where to place incoming email. If you have taken the necessary precautions to ensure optimal deliverability but your messages are not making it to the inbox, you may suggest whitelisting to your subscribers. Whitelists allow email recipients to create a list of senders they will always accept email from. In this helpful guide, Pinpointe Marketing provides detailed instructions on how subscribers can whitelist an email address via email service providers, email clients, security software, and spam filters. Read more.

3 Classic Email Metrics Revisited | ClickZ

"Maybe the metrics that originally helped build the email channel will be the data points that point retailers in the right direction. Could it be possible that open, click, and conversion rates are the keys to connect retailers with today’s multi-device, cross-channel shopper?" Jim Davidson

In this day and age of big data, it’s almost blasphemous to recommend using fewer data points to engage email subscribers. Yet, sometimes less is more. In this article, Jim Davidson reviews 3 basic metrics you should never ignore: open rates, click rates, and conversion rates. Revisiting these core analytics can help you focus your attention and dig deeper into subscriber behavior. Read more.

( Remember, if you’re mailing to an inactive list these metrics are not accurate. Unsure about your list quality? Check it for free. )

Best Practices for Transactional Commercial Emails | Message Systems

"Whether you're sending a transactional email or a commercial one, make sure your message gets where it's going, gets read and makes an impression. Following a few simple best practices will ensure your emails hit their targets — and stay out of the spam folder!" Message Systems

Take a look at this colorful and insightful infographic on transactional and commercial emails. Whether you are an email marketing pro or just getting started with transactional email, Message Systems covers the legal and opt-in requirements you need to know. Learn specific differences between these types of emails, and how following best practices can ensure your emails are "received, read, and remembered." Read more.