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8 Steps for Picking an Email Service Provider
4 min read

8 Steps for Picking an Email Service Provider

8 Steps for Picking an Email Service Provider

There are very few action points as consequential for the success of marketing efforts as selecting the right toolkit. From determining which tools serve you best, to researching options that fit your budget or reviewing demo or testing out trial accounts, picking the right marketing solutions isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

Furthermore, finding the best email service provider can require extra testing and knowledge, considering how different solutions are. You can opt for a simple software that you will only use at sending simple email communication or you can go with more advanced ones, that allow A/B testing and personalization, but you can go even further, with a marketing automation solution that is helpful for lead generation and lead nurturing strategies.

In this article, we are going to go over the most important steps for choosing an email service provider. Depending on which step of the process you are currently in, this guide should help you reach a decision faster.

Step 1: Analyze the features

As much as you might imagine that you will need all the features that the most advanced email service provider offers, the reality might contradict you. Take some time and compare your current needs with some of the most well-known solutions on the market.

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Some ESPs will have different features available for different subscription packs, so analyzing all the offers and features before making a decision. Pay the most attention to how many contacts you can store in their database, how many emails you can send per day, and how many users can use the same account simultaneously.

Step 2: Consider the client-side

When it comes to using email, you will be using a client-side to access your messages. If you pick a service provider that offers a native client for your device and operating system, you will have a much better chance of enjoying your email experience.

The overall user interface will directly influence what you can do with your account. Having access to an HTML editor will greatly improve the look and feel of your email communication.

Step 3: Evaluate the costs

Email providers often offer different pricing models, and this is a major reason why you should take your time and study the offerings. Also, try to pick a package that will suit your needs. This way, you will not be stuck with an expensive package that you don’t need, but you will still be able to enjoy everything necessary for the success of your email marketing campaigns.

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Step 4: Consider the security

Even though you will be using a reputable email provider, you should never forget that you are exchanging sensitive information, and you need to protect it. Make sure that your provider offers you the option to set up two-factor authentication and to protect your account with a strong password. Furthermore, consider how using that ESP will impact your standing with local or international data protection regulations, such as GDPR.

Step 5: Look for add-ons

Most important email providers offer you add-ons that can boost your productivity. For instance, you might want to look for a solution that offers you powerful spam control. This way, you will be able to filter out the most annoying emails. Native integrations will also help with increasing efficiency and reducing the time and resources invested.

Step 6: Compare the features

In the end, you should never pick an email service provider without doing some research on the web. If you are not sure what to look for, take a look at some of the online guides that compare the best solutions on the market. Consider the results from the first step before moving forward.

Step 7: Check the reputation of the provider

Before you pick an email service provider, you should always consider the reputation of the provider. For instance, you might want to look for a solution that offers you an open-source code. This way, you will ensure that your data will be safe.

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Step 8: Check the privacy policy

If you are looking for the best email service provider, you will always want to make sure that your data will be safe. For this reason, you should always check the privacy policy of a service provider before you opt-in.


As you can see, picking an email service provider is not as complicated as you might think. Even though you might want to consider an inexpensive solution you will need to look for an alternative if you want to enjoy a more secure solution.