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9 of the Best Tools for Email Marketing
7 min read

9 of the Best Tools for Email Marketing

9 of the Best Tools for Email Marketing

It’s no secret that marketing tactics have evolved greatly over the years. For email marketing specifically, there are quite a number of ways that you can advance your efforts. I’m talking about tools for email marketing.

Email marketing, as annoying as it can be for some recipients, is a vital part of any business marketing campaign. And the reason is simple: everyone has an email, and most of them check it frequently. But, we’ll go over all of this and get into the best tools for email marketing in 2020 and beyond below. Let’s get started.

Why email marketing?

Before we talk about the best tools for email marketing, I want to briefly discuss the importance of it.

For marketing in general, it’s easy to understand why you as a business (or even an individual) would want to be firing on all cylinders when it comes to promoting a brand. Simply put: there’s a lot of competition. You will not survive unless you’re reaching every customer possible. But this isn’t meant to scare you. It’s meant to inspire.


Not so long ago, the term “marketing” was thought of as advertising in the local newspaper, billboards, or maybe even just passing out flyers. In recent years, and with the rise of technology, however, marketing has evolved into something that can take any small town brand and market it on a global scale.

That’s why email marketing is so important. Because it’s possibly one of the most used and personal means of communication that we as marketers have.

Now that we’ve established this, let’s get into some of the best tools for email marketing.

1. DataValidation


The purpose of DataValidation is given away right in the name. It’s an email verification service that’s designed perfectly to improve email marketing results, and ultimately ROI.

How does it work? Well, as it says in the name, it validates emails. It makes sure that the email you’re sending to is used and active.

This can end up saving you a lot of money. Many mass sending email companies (like Intercom, let’s say) charge per email. That’s a lot of money wasted if you’re sending to an email that is not active.

Instead, DataValidation creates a list for you to send to. You can trust that each and every email being sent is being sent to a real person, and will show up in the inbox of someone who is more likely to read it.

Another very useful feature that DataValidation offers that many others don’t is the ability to upload your email lists from your email service provider and have it checked and cleaned.

Anyone who’s ever even dabbled in email marketing knows how valuable a tool like this can be. That’s why it is one of the best and most valuable tools for email marketing.

2. Benchmark


One thing that I think we’ve all grown to appreciate in the marketing world are templates. They save time, and are often more creative and thought out than we could ever be. They help people that aren’t necessarily designers bring their ideas to life. You could probably even argue that templates themselves are one of the best tools for email marketing in general.

Benchmark is a tool that gives you templates for basically any email occasion. You have everything from newsletters to promotions. You can even design your own if you’d like.

What makes Benchmark so awesome is the community that revolves around it. If you design your own template, and a lot of people like it, then the development team over at Benchmark might just add it to their template list.

3. Crystal


Have you ever been in a conversation with someone new and realised that your personality doesn’t really match with theirs? It can be hard to carry that conversation, to say the least.

Crystal aims to solve that issue with their personality AI. As far as emails go, at least. Crystal’s AI monitor’s people’s online footprint in order to predict their personality. Essentially, this AI can help you understand who you’re emailing just a little bit better.

This is a great tool simply because people want to feel like they aren’t just talking to some robot. They want a personal connection with whatever brand they're buying from. So, using these personality predictions, you can make an email based on their needs, likes, and personality.

Personality AI is a fairly new concept, but because of its applications, its use in tools for email marketing has only just begun.

4. Constant Contact


Constant Contact is sort of the jack of all trades. It’s an email monitoring service that allows you to track open rates, clicks, shares, and more. It even allows you to send bulk emails if you need to.

There are quite a few features that make Constant Contact worth checking out. One of my favorites is the ability to divide email recipients based on their clicks and preferences.

You can use this platform to automate welcome emails to new sign-ups, and even test subject lines for effectiveness. All-in-all, Constant Contact is a great tool, and with the various price points, it’s not so bad on the wallet, either.

5. EmailOctopus


EmailOctopus is a simple platform that allows you to keep a better track of your email campaigns. Using Amazon SES, you can easily send drip emails and newsletters to your customers and clients.

You can create custom HTML email templates, or use some of the premade ones they provide for you. Once you send out these fancy new emails, you can also track and analyze them to review their performance. You also have the option to send bulk emails if you choose.

The email editor is a drag-and-drop style, so it’s quite easy to use. The interface in the editor is fairly sleek as well.

Conclusion? EmailOctopus is a great option for anyone looking to automate their email marketing process a little further.

6. Leadfeeder


Ever wonder who’s visiting your website, and how you can generate leads based off that information? Well, wonder no more.

Leadfeeder was created to track exactly who is clicking on your website. By doing this, you can gather more information on these new visitors, and send targeted emails in order to increase conversion.

Leadfeeder is one of the best tools for email marketing simply because of its ability to generate leads simply by integration it with your CRM. It’s simple and easy to use, so it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re wanting to generate those high-value leads.

7. Litmus


Litmus is best known for its ability to test email marketing campaigns. It’s a fairly comprehensive tool that allows any user to build, preview, and of course test any email campaign for deliverability and open potential before it’s sent out.

The editor is very straightforward and easy to use. It’s a drag-and-drop style, so almost anyone can pick it up and run with it with little to no experience. But, of course, they have templates ready to go, too.

Once the emails are sent out, you can track and analyze their performance as well. Litmus is one of the best tools for email marketing through-and-through. With its pretty seamless interface and its effectiveness, it’s one that you should check out sooner rather than later.

8. BombBomb


BombBomb is quite unique. Instead of sending a generic email with this tool, you can send video emails. It’s easily integrated with Gmail, Salesforce, and Outlook, and allows you to send personalized video emails to targeted audiences.

One of my favorite features is the ability to record a video from any smartphone using iOS or Android, and sending it directly from the app to anyone at anytime. It’s quite a flexible tool, and extremely straightforward. If you aren’t currently using video emails, this might be your chance to get started with ease.

9. AWeber


AWeber is a widely used tool that allows you to create custom emails and send them out effectively. Much like many other tools for email marketing on this list, there is a nice selection of templates for you to choose from.

AWeber allows you to create pop-ups/sign-up forms for you to add to both your website and your social platforms. It is a highly effective tool, and even has an analytics dashboard for you to track the progress of your ongoing email campaigns.

This tool, in combination with an email list building tool/email validator, makes for a highly effective combo. Definitely check it out.
What sort of conclusions can we draw from this list of tools for email marketing? For one, we can conclude that there are a lot of tools out there to choose from. A list like this pales in comparison to how many there are out there.

The aim of this list was to present some of the best and most effective tools for you as an email marketer. Whether you’re a small business, start-up, or multi-billion dollar corporation, you can benefit from the tools we’ve listed here today.

The key to easy and stress-free email marketing will always be email automation. The more you can get away with automating, the more effective your campaigns can be. So don’t stress any longer. Give these tools for email marketing a shot.