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A Fresh Look on an Age-Old Problem
2 min read

A Fresh Look on an Age-Old Problem

A Fresh Look on an Age-Old Problem

Think about the last time you had to validate an email list.

What was that process like from start to finish?

You probably had to do something to this effect: export your lists from your email account, create a master list, backup the master list, format the file, research email verification service providers, chat with their reps to see which one has the best deal, signup for a validation service, upload your email list, wait 5 minutes to a full day for your email list to process, purchase your email list, download your cleaned email list, upload it back to your ESP, and, finally, segment out all undeliverable and inactive addresses.

What if all you had to do was link your email service provider account and a service took care of the rest? This is where the journey to our new application began.

If you have ever been blocked from sending email, even just once, you probably spent several days at least on the issue. Making the entire email validation process easier for email marketers was a priority. In our old application, we enabled MailChimp users to link and sync contact data seamlessly.

In our new application, we've made it even easier with Signup via ESP (if supported), and import lists via ESP. Current integrations include MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, MailUp, SendGrid, MailGun, and Emma Mail.

A core belief at DataValidation is that every email marketer deserves to see the quality of their email list before purchasing. We were the first (and maybe still the only) to offer an Always Free Email Assurance Report, which is a snapshot of the list quality.

When you Signup or Import with ESP, your email lists are automatically imported and analyzed. There’s no need to input a credit card or pay a dime to see your email list quality reports. You can view the free Report Card for each email list, and track the list's progress over time. These reports are intended to help you make informed decisions about your email list maintenance.

Part of our commitment to transparency is being able to see your list quality progress, and offering a service that grows with your list. By providing more granular data, you are able to see the current status and the deliverability history of an email, including history of bounces, opt-outs, complaints, and subscriber level engagement.


What if you never had to worry about whether the most recent 2000 subscribers on your email list would wreak havoc on your sender reputation?

An email list is ever-changing. In a single day, an email list may have subscribers that opt-out, emails that bounce, new subscribers, and users that update their preferences. Not only that, email addresses are always degrading. A subscriber changes jobs, opens a new email account, or simply stops checking an inbox (and it becomes a spam trap.) Your email list is at the mercy of the human subscriber and the entropy of an email address. If you have high value inactive users, how can you protect your deliverability when sending them email?

Email Assurance, which scans all lists daily and removes undeliverable addresses, addresses the constant needs of growing email list. Good senders who follow all of the best practices still experience deliverability issues.

What percentage of your email list is undeliverable? It's always free to know. The results may surprise you.

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