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The 4 Types of Relationships - Email Marketing Edition!

As an email marketer, you’ll find that not all subscribers respond to campaigns the same way. Some are responsive and active. Others … well … not so much. Here are four types of relationships you’ll experience at some point during your email campaigning journey: The Unsubscriber: He’s/She’s just not that into you!

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Fall Into Success!

If money really did grow on trees, would Fall be everyone's favorite season? Farewell to Summer - Fall is officially here! The Oak and Maple trees are filled with warm colors and start to fall one by one. Mornings become cooler and the wind blows fresh, crisp air. Days become busier as we dive into

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Busted! 5 Email Marketing Myths Even You May Have Fallen For!

1. You should only validate email lists once a year. No, no, no! In fact, an email list should be validated once a month. Validating your list should be just as important as paying your bills. This is crucial for a successful email campaign. People can switch jobs, can mistype their email in the sign-up