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10 Christmas email campaigns to gift your customers
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10 Christmas email campaigns to gift your customers

10 Christmas email campaigns to gift your customers

Christmas is, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated times of the year. People and businesses alike get ready for their winter celebrations early on. With that in mind, what better way to countdown the last days until Christmas than to look at some of the most successful email campaigns that were sent around the Christmas holidays?

Christmas email examples

Here we have selected 10 exceptional examples of emails that can work as inspiration while you try to craft the perfect message to send to your customers. Considering how busy the weeks before Christmas are, make sure to pay extra attention to when you schedule these communications because you will want to avoid reaching the inbox at a time when people are simply no longer checking their email.

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These examples are diverse and cover a lot of ground, from B2B to B2C, from eCommerce to SaaS, and from promotional emails to Christmas wishes. We truly believe that analyzing what each of these 10 companies has done well will help with extracting some good practices for Christmas email campaigns. Let’s get the showcase started.


Gamification has been a big trending topic in the last couple of years, but we have rarely seen it play a significant role in email campaigns. But Starbucks’ Rewards program is a good example of promoting gamification efforts via email.

Looking at the email in question, Starbucks does a really good job at using their renowned brand identity color system to create a Christmassy visual. They have also made sure to place the Starbucks coffee cups in the header as well so that subscribers will easily recognize either the colors or the cup and feel invested in the content of the email.

What you can learn from this example? Involve subscribers in contests, games, or reward programs and promote them via email. Making the email Christmas specific will most likely only increase interest and engagement.


Given that Christmas and the first day of the new year are only one week apart, many businesses take this opportunity to send subscribers personalized “Year in review” emails. Think of Spotify’s Wrapped stats tailored to the business offerings of other companies. This is exactly what Readdle, a bundle of productivity apps for iOS and macOS, has opted to do.

People are always curious to learn how they have spent the passing year. That’s why, whenever possible, creating a dashboard or an email with usage stats is a welcome idea. Readdle knows that and they have placed a call-to-action in the above the fold section of their email. But they have gone a step forward, by including specific stats directly in the email.

Personalization is such a powerful aspect of successful email campaigns that we can only appreciate how well it has been implemented in this email. As a note to self, try to always talk to your customers as individuals. Doing “Year in review” emails could actually be one of the most interactive and engaging ways to do so.

TK Maxx

Last-minute Christmas gift shopping is a real thing. Many of us are guilty of postponing important shopping just because of how chaotic the Christmas season proves to be. Knowing that some eCommerce websites will be available with special offers can be a great relief. TK Maxx jumps in to help with just this type of email.

As you can tell, the email is specifically designed to be relevant for both men and women. Having the option to find gifts for either of them when looking for inspiration is really a helpful addition to an email campaign. Furthermore, the value proposition and the photo used in the header are a clear indication of what types of products can be found on TK Maxx’s website, which adds to a great overall customer experience.

If you manage an eCommerce business, keep in mind that tailoring your marketing activities to last-minute shoppers can be extremely fruitful. Make sure to place links for the most important categories on your website. Ultimately, your Christmas email campaign will need a holiday-inspired header to drive conversions.

The end of the year is a perfect time for showing gratitude towards your customers. is obviously aware of this fact, given their Christmas email. They have created an email to share Christmas wishes with customers and subscribers.

While holiday wishes might not directly contribute to sales or bookings, it is critical that businesses understand their importance. After one year of targeted messages aimed at increasing conversions, a little reflection will show customers that you value them. Do not shy away from sending personalized Christmas cards or a high production value video.


With so many businesses getting ready for the Christmas season, it is only natural that a provider of stock images will use this opportunity to highlight their festive collection. Shutterstock has created a special email to remind customers that they can provide all the royalty-free images needed for generating outstanding Christmas campaigns.

Because we are talking about Shutterstock, images are the main attraction in their email. They have picked some of the best examples from their library. The idea is simple: subscribers are most likely looking for something special and Shutterstock has the images that fit that need.

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Whenever you create holiday email campaigns, always emphasize the elements that best serve your customers during those holidays. Even when it might feel redundant, it never hurts reminding subscribers of what makes your business special. If you can dress that up with specific visual assets, go ahead and do it!

Tailor Brands

Christmas might be one of the best opportunities for creative businesses to attract customers. From vendors on Etsy to manufacturers of handmade products around Christmas markets, there almost isn’t an appetite for beautiful items as there is during the winter holidays. But what about B2B digital businesses? As Tailor Brands proves, if creativity is your business, there is no reason not to promote yourself with special promotions.

Maybe logo and website design isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Christmas purchases but for startups or new businesses, it might be the perfect time to consider them. With a catchy name for their campaign and a visual asset that includes well known Christmas symbols, Tailor Brands has managed to create an enticing value proposition.

If you have a subscription-based business, this should be something that you consider doing as well. Giving customers a free trial to test out the service during the holidays will allow them enough time to test it out. At the end of the day, if what you are selling is of high value, that’s all the email campaign need to do.


Christmas emails are full of winter elements: from snowmen to sleighs or from Santa Clause to reindeer. To properly stand out, at times, you need to think outside the box. Maybe because your customers are living in places that have very warm winters or maybe because you want to create a lasting impression, it pays off trying out something different.

While being as simple as possible, the Christmas email from Loom stands out by being summer-inspired. But let’s be honest, that’s one email you are guaranteed to remember. If you have a playful brand, doing things a little bit differently, either when it comes to messages or visual assets, could help your email be more memorable.


Who doesn’t love buying Christmas gifts for children? Lego is one of the top brands in the world that offers toys that appeal to kids of all ages. That’s why it doesn’t come as a surprise that their Christmas email campaign addresses this market efficiently. Their collaboration with movie franchises and other well-known brands gives customers a lot of diversity then picking up the perfect gift. Another plus is that you can choose from small to large sets or simply opt for new characters to add to an existing collection.

Lego is not trying to reinvent the wheel with their Christmas newsletter. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If your business offers evergreen products, suitable for all occasions, there might not be a need to risk your business model with new ideas. But one thing that you can learn from the Lego example is to include free gifts to purchases, to incentivize customers to consider your offering.


Retention emails are something we have already covered on the DataValidation blog. But it is refreshing to see a re-engagement email sent as a Christmas newsletter, as with the example from Trello.

They have transformed the 12 days of Christmas into 12 ways of using their service. We need to applaud Trello’s copywriter for coming up with such an inventive approach to their Christmas email campaign. It proves that you don’t always need promotions or new marketing campaigns to be able to provide a great experience. Sometimes it is enough to underline what makes your product great and to find a clever way of doing it.

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Especially during the holiday season, which acts as a time for reflection and contemplation, businesses could benefit from adopting the Trello example. Are you communicating efficiently about your product or service? Are subscribers aware of its benefits? Could you take this opportunity to remind them why they have continued using it? We honestly hope the answer to all of these questions is yes and that you are inspired by the Trello Christmas newsletter to reimagine your email campaign.


Given that so many people spend their holidays at home, why not give them an incentive to invest in smart home systems? This is the idea behind Nest’s Christmas email and we love it. Nest is showcasing some of their most popular items in the email, making it easier for subscribers to chose a product that fits their current needs. They have also created summaries for each product that underlines their benefits.

If you are only producing and selling a few products, it might come in handy to promote some of them individually in the Christmas email. You avoid overwhelming your contacts and you put the focus on the products that are either best-sellers or on those that you still have a lot of inventory of. Offering free shipping might further entice some subscribers.