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5 Thanksgiving emails for inspiration
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5 Thanksgiving emails for inspiration

5 Thanksgiving emails for inspiration

The end of the year is without a doubt the most holiday-filled time of the year. Thanksgiving probably marks the start of this period. With people going home for the holidays, brands in the US are using this opportunity to connect with customers and share good wishes. As we will showcase with this article, the Thanksgiving holiday can be a great occasion for companies to send out special offers, reminders, or small gifts to their customers.

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Thanksgiving email examples

Let’s go over five examples of efficient and outstanding Thanksgiving email campaigns and see what ideas can inspire your next newsletter. In the meantime, if you are looking for similar lists, we have a couple of suggestions to get you started:


Well-known brands have an easier time connecting with customers simply because of their notoriety. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t have to try. And when it comes to email marketing, a well-planned out idea will always bring in the best results when compared to just relying on your brand. That’s why, for our first example, we are going to highlight what Uber did exceptionally well with their Thanksgiving email campaign.

Instead of just sending out a code for a discount or a referral email, Uber has created a series of use cases for when people traveling during the holidays will actually need an Uber. That allowed them to come up with very creative and beautiful graphic design assets for their emails. Knowing that the holidays are usually crowded and busy, Uber has made a point out of providing reassurance to its customers.

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Sometimes, the most obvious solution for your email marketing copy will reveal itself if you allow yourself to think outside of the box. Don’t just look at what the market and your competitors are doing. Think about what your customers need and what they will appreciate. That way you are almost guaranteed to hit the jackpot.

Google Home Mini

The Google Home series of devices might have gone through a rebrand recently, but last year, when they were still going by that name, they created a smart and simple email campaign for its Mini device. For people not familiar with the device, it is a very small Google Assistant home speaker that functions as a very cheap entry in the Google-powered smart-home world.

Google chose to highlight some practical requests that users might have for Google Home Mini while enjoying the company of their loved ones during the Thanksgiving holiday. As we have shown previously, doing things a little bit differently can pay off. And Google knows why people love to use their devices. So they have allowed those benefits to be front and center in their email, understanding that people respond positively when they can imagine themselves enjoying a certain experience.

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And who cannot appreciate the thought of getting more done with the help of Google Assistant? Holiday emails are the perfect occasion to showcase what makes your brand unique and to remind customers and prospects how you bring value to their lives. It is not about bragging rights, it is about creating a sense of community and about rewarding brand loyalty.

Artifact Uprising

It might seem like common sense, but during the holidays most people are not interested in receiving promotional emails. With the exception of Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals, most holidays are not accompanied by huge discount campaigns. That’s not the case for Thanksgiving, of course, simply because of how close to Black Friday it is.

For a company that sells custom photo books and gifts, the Thanksgiving email campaign could be another great opportunity at promoting its products. But that’s not what Artifact Uprising is doing with their email. Quite the contrary. They are using their email message to underline how important it is to appreciate the people you have near. It is so refreshing to see small companies that truly understand the value of treating customers as real people.

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What can you learn from this example? Depending on how your brand communicates and if it’s a B2C one, you could try to just send out a simple, heartwarming message for Thanksgiving, showing your customers that you care and that you wish them happy holidays. It might be the only thing they need to remember your brand kindly. And if you can achieve that with a simple email, in the same way that Artifact Uprising has done, you can feel really good about yourself.

Whole Foods Market 365

Food is such a big part of the holiday traditions. That’s probably an understatement when it comes to Thanksgiving. Being an integral part, food also makes its way into digital marketing activities, in the form of a Food Market.

As with all examples before, Whole Foods Market 365 puts an emphasis on trying to be helpful, offering an easy glimpse into what holiday articles are available. This email is the best example of creating a community around your brand. Whole Foods Market 365 not only shares useful insights from the market but also suggests to its customers how to save by becoming a member of its loyalty program.

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Holiday emails prove to be a good time for showing subscribers you not only understand their needs but also that you care about how they enjoy the holidays.


Tried and true methods are evergreen, even when it comes to email marketing. Even if we have already talked about how to break free from the road taken by others, it is not a bad idea to stick to what works best for your business. If a discount code is something that customers respond positively to, do not hesitate to include that in the Thanksgiving email.

That is exactly what Postmates has done with their Thanksgiving-themed email. A simple, efficient, and short value proposition accompanies their email. While we love to see new approaches to holiday emails, we are the first to admit that there is nothing wrong with doing what brings in the best results.

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Sometimes clients are simply exacting some sort of incentive to order food during the holidays, which might explain Postmates’ email. Other times, it comes with the territory. And with the market. As far as you understand your customers’ expectations, deciding what to include in the Thanksgiving emails should be a piece of cake. Just like in the Postmates’ example.