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Busted! 5 Email Marketing Myths Even You May Have Fallen For!
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Busted! 5 Email Marketing Myths Even You May Have Fallen For!

Busted! 5 Email Marketing Myths Even You May Have Fallen For!

1. You should only validate email lists once a year.

No, no, no! In fact, an email list should be validated once a month. Validating your list should be just as important as paying your bills. This is crucial for a successful email campaign. People can switch jobs, can mistype their email in the sign-up form, unsubscribe, etc. Email data changes quite frequently, so it's important to stay up to date.

A clean email list means you will have a better chance in reaching those who were designated to receive your mail. You will also have a successful campaign with lower bounce rates, higher deliverability and increased open/clicks. Sending to too many emails that are invalid or bounce can cause your email service provider (ESP) to block you from sending mail or even suspend your account!

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2. Unsubscribes mean you’re a bad email marketer!

Though a user may have recently unsubscribed from your campaign, it is not the end of the world. It’s okay! It happens, and it’s actually a good thing. Your list is not only cleaner, but is now composed of people directly wanting to engage in your campaign. These people are the real MVPs.

3. The subject line has the greatest weight in reference to clicks

Not exactly. Your sender name, not the subject line, will drive your open rates. Emails are permission based relationships and even if the subject line spikes interest, your sender name will always have the greatest impact whether your email will be opened. If your sender name is not recognized, your email will not be trusted!

4. Purchased lists give you a quick bang for the buck.

Buying email lists might seem like a quick alternative to a large database, but let’s be real - you will not get your bang for the buck. Purchasing email lists is just bad email practice. This will not only cost you money, but waste your time, waste communication attempts and ruin your company reputation! The easy route never gets you far, just don’t do it.
It takes time to build and maintain a large database, and it’s not easy! To make the process even more difficult, most ESPs (including AWeber, MailChimp, MailUp and Constant Contact) have verifications and checks in place to detect purchased lists. If you are caught sending unwanted or unsolicited mail, your account will either be blocked or suspended! You will see a much better return if you take the time to build an email list with subscribes that want to hear from you. Start collecting new sign-ups and to grow your lists. Validate these email lists periodically to ensure you are always ready to send.

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5. You don’t have to segment your list to increase engagement.

Let’s dispel this myth for good. If you want to truly target your subscribers, segment-segment-segment! Having an idea of your audience can help you better understand your subscribers and provide the product or service they want and need. Marketers try pleasing everyone, rather than focusing on making the proper impact.
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