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New integration: PieSync + DataValidation
1 min read

New integration: PieSync + DataValidation

New integration: PieSync + DataValidation

We are really proud to announce our new integration with PieSync! This integration will help you seamlessly get all the benefits of our email validation service and synchronize your contacts in real time with more than 100 other applications. Focus less on technical details and spend your time on the marketing efforts that are important to you!

How does it work?

PieSync is a platform that connects web applications and uses a two-way approach to syncing contacts. DataValidation is a service that makes it easy to clean email lists, in order to increase deliverability. The integration helps you take control of your email marketing lists and makes sure that all your contacts are verified and have a clear status.

PieSync email validation

Every time a new contact is added to your list, DataValidation will validate it. The DataValidation dashboard will show the health of your PieSync linked lists in real time. When you need to export the results back to your email service provider or CRM, all you need to do is purchase the list and the results will be automatically synced, according to your PieSync configuration.

DataValidation strives to be a perfect fit for businesses by offering various native integrations and a flexible list health monitoring and cleaning experience. The contact lists’ health can be monitored for free and purchasing is made easy thought tiered pricing. We constantly strive to offer not just the best email list cleaner on the market, but also a great experience for users interacting with our service.

Integrating DataValidation with PieSync will help you automate syncing processes, between our email validation service and one of the over 100 apps available. Keeping your email lists validated was never easier!

Find out how to connect DataValidation with PieSync and start setting up your time saving connections right now!

Start cleaning your email lists!