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Introducing Email Assurance for MailChimp
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Introducing Email Assurance for MailChimp

Introducing Email Assurance for MailChimp

Ongoing maintenance of email subscriber data is essential to reaching the inbox and upholding a great sender reputation. This holds true for both email marketers and email service providers. We build integrations and APIs with the belief that email list maintenance should be transparent, ongoing, comprehensive, and proactive. As a fellow Atlanta-based company, MailChimp was an ideal choice for our first ESP integration.

MailChimp is a self-service email service provider that boasts the best deliverability in the email marketing industry. They have maintained great deliverability using Omnivore, a proprietary algorithm that can predict the likelihood an email list will have high bounces. This algorithm becomes more intelligent over time, and also flags inappropriate content, purchased lists, and non-permission based lists. When Omnivore flags a list for data quality, MailChimp support usually recommends list cleaning prior to allowing an email campaign to be sent.

Getting flagged or blocked can be a stressful time for unsuspecting email marketers. In May 2013, we released our first integrated list cleaning service to MailChimp users. This allowed MailChimp users to link a MailChimp account to our app, view a free report on their list quality, purchase the validated email list, and sync results back to MailChimp. This enabled users to get back into compliance with MailChimp standards.

After incorporating feedback from early adopters, we are excited to announce the release of our newest MailChimp integration!

The Email Assurance integration offers one-click signup with MailChimp, and automatically imports and analyzes all email lists for data quality. Each list is given a free deliverability report card with a list quality score and deliverability overview. The list quality report can be used to determine when it is time to clean the list.

Depending on the list quality score, email marketers can purchase a One-time Tuneup or Email Assurance. Email list results are automatically synced back to the corresponding MailChimp account, with undeliverable addresses unsubscribed. Each purchase includes a comprehensive address-by-address analysis and 30 days free of Email Assurance.

Assurance is the first subscription service that scans and removes undeliverable email addresses proactively, before deliverability problems occur. Benefits of Email Assurance include improved open and click rates, better deliverability, lower bounces, higher email ROI, and more actionable email marketing metrics.

DataValidation's Email Assurance integration for MailChimp offers:

  • 1-click signup + auto import of email lists
  • Free email data reports
  • Comprehensive email verification results
  • Automatic sync back to MailChimp
  • One-time and daily removal of undeliverable addresses
  • Free trial of Email Assurance with every purchase
  • Low monthly list maintenance subscription
  • Ability to link multiple MailChimp accounts

Email is time-sensitive. Don’t let getting flagged by Omnivore pause an important and timely email marketing campaign. Get back in compliance with MailChimp standards and improve your deliverability with Email Assurance.

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