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10 Things to Check Before Deploying an Email Campaign
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10 Things to Check Before Deploying an Email Campaign

10 Things to Check Before Deploying an Email Campaign

For a marketer, there are very few things more troublesome than deploying an email campaign to the wrong email list or omitting to include some relevant information in the body. Marketers also have to deal with checking the copy for typos, validating links, or checking that the email is displayed correctly. Simplifying workloads and ensuring compliance when sending out email marketing campaigns oftentimes implies following a clear and efficient checklist. Having it will mean that marketers will easily understand what steps they need to follow to make sure that everything is in order and that the campaign has been deployed according to internal standards.

Email Marketing Deployment Checklist

1. Make sure that the subject line is correct and doesn't have any typos

Subject lines are the first thing your subscribers will see when engaging with your email communication. That's why you need to pay a lot of attention to making sure that you are not just crafting the best subject line, something that takes time and A/B testing, but you also check for typos and potential grammatical mistakes.

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A bad subject line will negatively affect the open rate of your email, as well as the click-through rate. When crafting the subject line of your email, you need to consider the timing of your email, the information that it contains, and the time of day you are sending it.

2. Make sure that the email content is relevant to your audience

Your email communication is not only about communicating with your audience, it is also about providing them with relevant information. The more relevant your email content is to your audience, the better the results you will get. If the email copy is not just correct, up-to-date, and without typos, your brand’s credibility will be positively impacted and you will start seeing results in terms of email marketing metrics.

3. Have a clear call-to-action

A call-to-action should always be directly related to the topic of the email, as well as to the needs of your subscribers. Having a clear call-to-action in your email communication is a key element in making sure you get the results you want from your email marketing campaign. While the most common call-to-action is to click on a link, a call-to-action can be many things. You can request contacts to reply to your email, you can ask them to watch a video asset or to download specific inbound marketing materials.

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Regardless of what you chose to use as a call-to-action, keep in mind that you need to make it as clear as possible. It will let recipients know what action you expect them to take and it will have a direct correlation with the success of your overall email marketing campaign.

4. Make sure that the email is responsive

With the evolution of mobile technology, the number of people accessing email communication via their mobile devices is increasing every day. That's why you need to make sure that the email is responsive, that the layout is optimized for mobile devices, and that you use the right font type.

Simply having a great-looking email that displays well on the desktop is no longer enough to engage all subscribers. If you can extract data from your email service provider regarding what devices your subscribers are using, prioritize the one that comes on top. But that shouldn’t mean that you will ignore the other devices or email clients.

What are the chances of achieving your email marketing goals if you are not including the correct links? You need to take the time to check each individual link before deploying a campaign. That means the links in your email body, as well as those included in the footer. As we have described in-depth, having a working unsubscribe link in your footer is one of the things that will keep your email efforts in compliance.

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But you shouldn’t stop there. Validate your social media links, if any, make sure that you never use short URLs inside your campaigns, and check that the website or websites you are linking to are live and accessible.

6. Make sure that the email is delivered to the right inbox

What good is it to craft the best email communication if it ends up in the spam folder of your audience members? You need to make sure that your email is delivered to the right inbox, that it is not filtered by spam filters, and that it is not blocked by a firewall. To do that, you can use an email verification service, such as the one provided by DataValidation.

7. Make sure that your email is not being blocked by a firewall

If your email is blocked by firewalls, there is a chance that you may not even know about it, and that your audience members will never see it.

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One way to avoid this issue is to consult with your IT team and ask them to make sure that your email is following all standards to reach the inbox. You can also check these aspects yourself, if you don’t have access to an IT team or if your IT team is not involved in the process.

8. Make sure that your email is sent at the right time

You don't want to send your email communication when your audience members are on their way to work or when they are sleeping. You need to time your email communication so that it is sent out at the best possible time. Test out various days and times to get to the one that will lead to the best results for your campaigns.

9. Make sure that the email address is correct

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is something that you need to double-check. You don't want to send your email communication to the wrong audience. If you happen to notice hard bounces, there are multiple things you can do to address this issue. Consult our detailed article on how to deal with email bounces.

This step could be described as the golden rule, something that we consistently promote as a best practice. Never purchase email lists. If you are sending out email communications to a list that you have been given from a partner or lead generation agency, make sure that you have consent from the people on that list. The best way to do this is to be transparent and to ask for permission.