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Tools for Managing Email Marketing Tasks
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Tools for Managing Email Marketing Tasks

Tools for Managing Email Marketing Tasks

Managing workload and keeping track of the status of each task can be a daunting endeavor. Not only are you supposed to meet deadlines and deliver quality work, but stakeholders will also expect you to improve your performance over time. But that's not where things end. When you are the owner of a project or activity, you also need to report results to your higher-ups. Transparency, as you can clearly deduce, is key when dealing with marketing projects. The same applies to email marketing and any complementary activities. Let's go over some of the best online tools that can help you boost productivity and efficiency. These examples will not only focus on project management but on digital asset management and stakeholder management as well.

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Considering how prevalent working remotely has become starting with 2020 (read our top picks email marketing resources), dealing with online tools has probably become the go-to solution for many marketers. Join us in discovering the best options for your marketing tasks.

Tools for managing your email marketing tasks

First of all, we are going to start with a project management suggestion. Project management solutions, while abundant in number and only remotely different, offer basically the same functionality. From Trello, Monday, Asana, to lesser-known services, such as TeamWork or Brightpod, you can discover the solution that best fits your needs and your budget. Today, we are going to focus on and recommend ClickUp.


ClickUp might not be as well established as other veterans in the project management space, but it caught out attention thanks to its functionality-heavy approach. The application is not just a project management solution, but its other features all contribute to making work and collaboration easier.

ClickUp allows users to create:

  • To-do lists
  • Documents and spreadsheets
  • Event management
  • Resource management

One of the things that you will most appreciate about the app is the option to customize views based on what works best for you and your team. You will not be stuck with a Kanban or a list of activities. Quite the contrary, with ClickUp you will be able to decide how your information is displayed and how you want to organize tasks.

Collaboration within the app is also user-friendly and hassle-free. Depending on the plan that you chose, you will be able to invite team members and external collaborators. You will also have the option of creating distinctive spaces for collaborators, manage their permissions and access.

For email marketers, ClickUp can be a great solution, if we take into account the increasing number of stakeholders they have to manage. But the app can also work for managing complex email marketing campaigns and strategies.


While there are multiple business communication software options on the market, from Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, to Discord or RocketChat, we are going to endorse Slack for email marketers. There are two main reasons behind this decision: Slack’s impressive collection of integrations, which are aimed at simplifying work and boosting productivity; communities of email marketing professionals that you can join for knowledge sharing and inspiration.

Slack is mostly used by small teams, predominantly in the IT industry. But the app has a lot of adopters in influencers and professional communities. Slack is a great option for email marketing freelancers or for solopreneurs that constantly have to interact with people in multiple companies.

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Mostly because of the large number of integrations that Slack supports, marketers will be able to connect the app with their other favorite online tools. You can import dashboards, reports, online documents or spreadsheets, social media posts, all in one place so that you can easily share them with stakeholders or collaborate with team members.

Here are some interesting email marketing communities that anyone with a Slack account can join right away:


Digital asset management might sound a bit peculiar for email marketers. But when you take into account the amount of time you spend on going back-and-forth with graphic designers, UI/UX designers, and photographs on a daily or weekly basis, you will suddenly understand the appeal of a centralized location for all digital assets. This space is dominated by Monday, Widen Collective, Canto, and Bynder. But for the purposes of this article, we are mainly going the focus on Brandfolder.

Brandfolder enables companies to organize all digital assets into a single point of contact in a way that facilitates access, collaboration, and sorting of branded assets. But that’s not all, alongside curation you also will unlock editing tools for converting files, the ability to generate workflows, and integrate with existing tools and services.

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For an email marketing specialist working for a large enterprise, the existence of a digital asset management solution will result in a reduced workload, better collaboration options, and, most importantly, more time to focus on tasks that add value to the company.

There is no shortage of tools that promise to do just that, but people who have never had access to a digital asset management service will probably appreciate its benefits more. The experience of dealing with files stored in multiple places, some online and some offline, having to convert them, making sure that all appropriate people are notified about changes, that’s a hassle that most would rather not have to bother with.