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New ESP integration announcement: Emma
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New ESP integration announcement: Emma

New ESP integration announcement: Emma

Emma users, we have an exciting news for you! We have added Emma to our native integrations list. This integration will help make email validation faster and more efficient.

Emma provides marketers with access to a feature-rich platform and email automation. And now there is an easy way to validate and clean mailing lists. You can now import Emma contacts directly in our app, without having to first export them from Emma.

How to connect Emma to DataValidation?

With each integration we work on, we are really focused on one thing: helping you be more productive and making it easier for you to keep your email list clean and compliant.

Emma email validation

Here are the benefits you get by using Emma together with DataValidation:

  • Better results
    Improving email marketing metrics is easier if you clean your contact lists. We guarantee a 97% deliverability for lists that are cleaned using our service. Impressive, right? Find out more about our commitment to helping you get the most out of your email lists.
  • Free reports

    See estimate results on each list even before purchasing. The free report will indicate your list score and percentage of deliverable and undeliverable email addresses.
  • Ease of use

    With our new Emma integration, email validation is just a few clicks away. Login into your DataValidation account to link your Emma account. It’s that simple. Now you will be able to access all your lists and validate them straight away.
  • Automated list monitoring

    We provide a unique list monitoring service called AutoPilot Lite[1]. You can choose to have your lists’ details updated on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

To celebrate our new integration, we are offering all users that link their Emma accounts 5000 free tokens ($35 value).

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  1. This is not a list validation service. Autopilot Lite refreshes the list score and details on the back of the list card. ↩︎