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Evolve or Die - Fighting Email Entropy
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Evolve or Die - Fighting Email Entropy

Evolve or Die - Fighting Email Entropy

“The data on your list doesn’t start out in bad condition, but over time its quality starts to diminish. This is only natural and if left unkept, your data starts to degrade due to the silent killers on your list - like bounces, complainers, the unengaged, and spam traps. Maintenance is the only way to fight disorder, and when the emails in your database are dying, you end up with a list full of zombies.”

Mike Marian, Automate or Die

Entropy is defined as a lack of order or predictability; a gradual decline into disorder. With disorder comes the inevitable: things will eventually fall apart, and the email you send is not immune to that. Don't send email to a list for 6 months, and you're going to have a slew of bounces. Marketers may clean lists before sending, but this approach disregards the ever-changing state of an email list and doesn't provide complete information on the value of an email address.

We went to work on a comprehensive solution to bring transparency and automation to email list maintenance. Our belief that everyone should be able to see their email list quality for free all the time is a driving force behind the Email Assurance application.

The Email Assurance app provides detailed deliverability information on each email list, tracks list quality over time, and automates email list maintenance.

First, each address on an email list is analyzed for deliverability and historical engagement, then is given an Email Assurance grade.
Next, a List Quality Score is calculated based on the makeup of Email Assurance grades on the list. This score indicates the deliverability of the email addresses on the list. Generally speaking, anything above an 80 is acceptable (out of 100).
Finally, an Email Assurance Score is calculated based on the average list quality score for all linked ESP lists. You can look at this like a rating of your overall email marketing efforts. By increasing individual list quality, you can increase your overall Email Assurance Score.

List quality can change frequently, which is why we analyze data every day.
On a daily basis, new subscribers on your list are evaluated and assigned an Email Assurance grade from A+ to F. To maintain pristine deliverability, most ESPs allow you to email only the A+ and A grades. We re-analyze Accepts-All and Indeterminate results (B and D grades) daily until we are able to upgrade them to an A+ or downgrade to an F.

You can see this evolution in the list's Progress Report.


Email Assurance helps marketers combat entropy by automating data maintenance, making all other marketing efforts more efficient.

Operating under the belief that there should be a comprehensive and ongoing solution for email list maintenance, we created Email Assurance to combat the entropy of data. Email Assurance analyzes and updates email list(s) daily, appending new grade information to subscribers and removing undeliverable addresses. Rather than simply throwing out Accepts-All or Indeterminate subscribers, Assurance re-scans these addresses and upgrades or downgrades appropriately when new information is available.

You can track your lists' deliverability with Email Assurance on the interactive dashboard, and see the difference in quality between Assured lists and Unassured lists.
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