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How Funky Christmas Sweaters Increased Email List Quality
1 min read

How Funky Christmas Sweaters Increased Email List Quality

How Funky Christmas Sweaters Increased Email List Quality

Funky Christmas Sweaters was established in 2008 and today has grown to become the #1 destination and go-to place for Christmas sweaters internationally! Today, they have a cult celebrity following across the sports, fashion and media world; and their festive knits have been spotted on a wide range of celebrities.

Like many seasonal products and services, its a never ending battle in trying to market year round. "Our email sending pattern is like our product, very seasonal. Unless we have a special product throughout the off season we tend not to mail our subscribers - and it's not recommended to go a long time without interacting with your list." - Fabio Molle, Co-founder of Funky Christmas Sweaters

This year, Funky Christmas Sweaters wanted to make a huge splash kicking off the 2015 Christmas Campaign. To do this they needed to make sure their email list quailty was at its best. According to Salesforce's State of Email Marketing 2015, the top 3 metrics used to track email marketing success in the past year were click-through rates (47%), conversions (43%), and click-to-open rates (38%).

Fabio and his team began to notice a decline in these exact metrics right away! In efforts to reduce costs with their ESP, and increase engagement, conversions and deliverability, they decided to finally get rid of all of their stale email addresses!

Find out how Funky Christmas Sweaters increased their email list quality and have already started seeing the benefits of email list maintenance!