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How to build and grow your email list?
6 min read

How to build and grow your email list?

How to build and grow your email list?

You heard over and over again that it's important to have a clean email list and keep it engaged, but how do you do that?

If you're not working on building your email list already, or you've run out of ideas to do so, you will find some simple ways to create and grow an email list below.

I've split the list into 7 chapters, to make it easy to read:

1. On Social Media
2. On Your Website
3. On Other Sites
4. Through Your Products
5. Through Online Community Platforms
6. Through Interesting Content
7. Your Email Newsletter

Let's begin!

1. On Social Media

1. Include a Call-to-Action in your bio

That means that instead of describing who you are, you can use that space to drive followers to sign-up to your email list. You can do that on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, etc.

![Include a Call-to-Action in your bio](/content/images/2017/09/social1.png)

2. On your Facebook Page cover

You can replace the image you're currently using with one that contains an invitation to join your email list.

3. Make a Subscribers-Only Facebook group

Create a private Facebook group with the entry requirement that you need to be a subscriber of your email list to join.
You can include that criteria in your group description. As your group grows, so will your email list - the larger the number, the more social proof, and the more people will want to be a part of it.

4. Put your CTA on your Youtube videos

You can either put a call-to-action at the end on your video or include links to join your email list in the description.

Put your CTA on your Youtube videos

2. On Your Website

1. Homepage

If you don't want to move visitors to a landing page or to make changes on your homepage, you can use a tool called "SmartBar". It's easy to install, looks natural and it leaves the rest of the page open.

2. Create an Exit Intent Popup

An exit intent popup is the last thing you can do to stop the visitor and get him to interact with your website. You have nothing to lose, they were already leaving, remember? :)
The popup appears as the cursor moves to close the page. To make people stop and read the box, your headline needs to be catchy and give them a reason to stay. Give away a great deal, an extremely valuable piece of content or anything else you think might prompt a visitor to give you their email address.

3. Use a static signup form

You can use the static signup form on your blog. If you offer some good content on your blog, people will want to read more, so this is the best way to collect their email address and keep them engaged with what you're writing.
You can simply ask them to signup for your newsletter. This sort of ask is enhanced by the article they were reading and it's like saying "Sign up now and you'll get more awesome content like the one you are reading right now!".

3. On Other Sites

1. Guestpost on other blogs

Guest posting is one of the best ways to grow your email list. Contribute to your industry by posting high quality & relevant articles to popular blogs and publications from your niche.

2. Republish

If you don't want to post your articles on other blogs or publications, then you should try to republish. Republishing content from your website on larger publications is the second best way to grow your email list.
You can search for websites who accept republished content and are bigger than your website, then add a specific call-to-action in the author bio or in content (encourage people to sign up to your email list.)

3. Affiliate Marketing

The basics of affiliate marketing is to promote another person's brand or product in exchange of a percent of revenue.
While most people think that you have to blindly push a product or service and demand that your followers should buy right away, that is not true. A successful affiliate partnership could also mean that you drive email subscribers to someone's email list.
Find some people who use your product/service and ask them if they are interested to promote you to their fanbase.

4. Through Your Products

1. Give a discount code in exchange for an email address

An often used way to get your website visitors email address is to offer a discount code in exchange. Might be an exit-intent popup or a regular popup. The visitor enters the email address and is redirected on a page where the discount is displayed or receives the discount on their email. It's a win-win situation.

2. Pre-sell your products

While most people wait until the product is finished to sell it, you can make it work by pre-selling it!
You'd be surprised by how many people want to "get updates on the product" or "be the first to know". All you have to do is to make a landing page with a headline, some paragraphs describing what it is & what it does and a call to action that asks for an email address.

3. Make a survey

You need to provide value in order for someone to take a survey. Surveys help you to:

  • gain some insight about your audience demographics
  • get feedback about a product or service
  • collect email addresses
Surveys can be posted on your blog or on social media. A tool often used for surveys is Typeform because it's easy to use and can be easily customized.

5. Through Online Community Platforms

1. Answer questions on Quora

Keep one thing in mind: Quora ranks. Most Quora answers are detailed, long and highly valuable. You must find questions that your blog posts can answer and use that as a starting point.

2. Post in forums

BUT not in any forums. Find forums in your niche and become an active member. Important! You must add value to your posts before posting anything about your call to action. If you don't, forum members might accuse you of spamming.
Tip: You can also add a call to action to your landing page in your signature.

3. Share an opt-in offer on Reddit

Your opt-in offer should be extremely high value and your call to action must be compelling and contributory, otherwise it could be a dead end. Before posting your opt-in offer, try commenting on relevant posts.
Tip: After writing the benefits of signing up to your list, ask for permission to share the link to your website.

Share an opt-in offer on Reddit

6. Through Interesting Content

1. Create an email course

Email courses have a huge potential to grow your email list. It's similar with offering a product, except you are teaching something.
Think of something that would provide value to your audience and what they are interested in. Then, post the first lesson on your blog for free and put a sign-up form, so people can sign up if they want the rest of the course.

2. Repurpose content

It's in fact easier than you think. All you have to do is to rethink your content in a different format. It can be a video, infographic, e-book or anything else. That repurposed content can generate new signups through increased site visits.

3. Giveaways

These days giveaways are everywhere. Offer something that your audience will value in exchange for their email address. It could be professional advice, a Q&A session or some free product. Those giveaways don't take a lot of time and effort and they provide value to your website visitors.

7. Your Email Newsletter

1. Offer subscribers-only content

You can create a weekly newsletter only for an exclusivist group of subscribers. Could be basically anything your readers would consider valuable: an article, tips&tricks, a short video, etc. The key is exclusivity. Make them feel like they are getting something exclusive and your subscribers rate will grow.

2. Segment your list

Because of non-segmented lists, sometimes gaining a subscriber can lead to unwanted unsubscribes. Segmenting your lists means dividing your subscribers into groups. How much you want to segment them is up to you, it could be from where they opted in and their buy intent to demographics.

Segment your list

Segmenting your list by interest groups can lead to almost 25% decrease in unsubscribes.
Tip: It's extremely important to maintain a clean email list as you grow. You can use an email validation service to verify your email list. This can be done periodically as you receive new sign-ups. Learn more about email validation here.

You can’t afford to ignore your email list. Choose the tips that suit your needs and give them a try!
If you can think of a way to grow your email list that we missed, please leave a comment below and we’ll add it to the list!