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How to Effectively Grow Email Lists in 2020
4 min read

How to Effectively Grow Email Lists in 2020

Email marketing is still the most effective way for a business to reach their audience. It has proven to have the best ROI, even better than social media marketing and other platforms.


Email marketing is still the most effective way for a business to reach their audience. It has proven to have the best ROI, even better than social media marketing and other platforms. That's to be expected, most people check their email constantly, and diligently. What makes email marketing so effective is reaching the right type of people. Those that are interested and want to hear from you and your brand.

If you are just starting out and don't have a very large audience yet, it can seem very daunting and time consuming to grow an effective email list. While it can take time, and it does take some work, growing your email list from scratch with higher interest recipients will give you the best pay off in the end. Having an audience that is interested and wants to hear from you will truly show you the power of email marketing. Below I’ll explain how you can to get started with a few ways to grow email lists.

Create a new lead generation offer

Create something your followers will want and exchange that for their email. This can be a short ebook, a white paper, or even something like a printable worksheet or resource. It should be something of value, something that your followers will find interesting. Interesting enough for them to give you their email in exchange for that content. This exchange will help grow your email list and it will provide you with highly interested people.

Use social media to collect new emails

Social media can be an effective tool in gathering new email signups. It can be a great place to promote new lead-generation offers. You can promote your business and highlight features or services you offer. What social media platforms you are on will greatly depend on your type of business. Almost everyone has at least one Facebook and/or Linkedin page. Give people the opportunity to sign up often. Mention it in posts, promote your newest lead generation offer, and occasionally repromote older content. As your audience grows, newcomers may not have come across previous promotions that can be beneficial and enticing enough for them to sign up.

Guest blogs and promotions on a partner’s website

Make a list of businesses or services you would be able to partner with and reach out to them. You can cross promote each other by guest blogging, offering your ebook or white paper to their audience and collecting emails from people that are interested in what you have to offer. If your business uses Facebook or Instagram you can run promotions or giveaways with other companies to grow your email list.

Collect emails in person

Use every opportunity you have to collect emails. When you are attending a work event or conference, make conversation, network, and tell people about your brand. Collect emails from those you interact with. You may also try hosting a local event, or setting up a both at a trade show. Have a paper signup form ready so people can give you their emails. Once you collect emails in person, follow up over the next few days with a welcome email or an email thanking them for joining your list.

Use sign up forms on your website, in multiple places

Make it easy for those browsing your website to sign up and ask often. It's not enough to only have one sign up prompt, but there should be several across different pages of your website. You can have your signup page in the navigation or footer of the site. Another popular method is having a popup prompt asking them again to sign up. And don't forget about your blogs. If someone is reading your blog, it means that they have some interest in what you have to say. Make sure you ask them to sign up at the end of your blog posts, or have a pop up set up on your blog page.

Ask your existing audience to promote you

Even if your current list is small, reach out to your subscribers and ask them to share your business or brand with others. You can send a special email that they can share that contains some information about you and a sign up form. If someone downloads one of your lead-generation offers, follow up with an email asking them to forward the offer to anyone they think may find it interesting. You can also ask your social media followers to share your posts and information. Create posts with this in mind and make sure you give easy access to a signup form.

This may seem like a pretty simple idea. In truth, it is. But, it has proven to be one of the most effective ways to organically grow email lists time and time again. Not to mention, you’re marketing yourself through people that already enjoy your content, product, or service.

The conclusion

What do you think? There are many ways to grow your email list in 2020. These are just a few of the ways that have been proven to be successful in the past. The key is to create a meaningful and active email list. Otherwise, it will end up being pointless.

As an important note, it’s generally considered unethical to purchase email lists. Not to mention, it’s very illegal in European countries. The best practise will always be to grow email lists organically. That way, as I said just above, you will have a more active email list.

Keep in mind that you can always validate the emails you’ve collected easily with DataValidation. We offer a super easy to use tool that will verify any email list in no time. All you need to do is upload the list, and enjoy.

Take the time to grow your email list properly and it will yield great results!