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Is Your Email Marketing Following These Best Practices?
3 min read

Is Your Email Marketing Following These Best Practices?

Is Your Email Marketing Following These Best Practices?

In this weekly roundup, we discuss the perils of purchased email lists, being overly salesly, and keeping inactive subscribers on your list. Scroll to the bottom for some fresh content ideas. This Week in Email is a weekly digest of email deliverability news, email best practices, and tips to improve your email marketing. If you have an article you would like us to consider, send us a tweet @datavalidation.

Purchased Lists and ESPs | Word to the Wise

"ESPs that allow purchased lists don’t have great delivery. Their customers send a lot of unwanted and unsolicited email and it taints all the mail coming from their space. I’ve done work for a couple ESPs that had all their client mail, even the permission stuff, going to bulk at places like Yahoo! and Gmail." Laura Atkins

Not all email service providers (ESPs) are created equal. There are those that will accept lists of any type, including purchased or non-optin lists, and then there are those that follow and enforce CAN-SPAM and CASL rules and regulations. ESPs that allow their users to send to purchased lists have a significantly lower deliverability rate than those that do not. If an ESP allows mailing to purchased lists, all users' deliverability is negatively affected, even those that are following best practices and only deploying to optin subscribers. An email validator such as ourselves can help you clean your email lists to comply with your ESP's standards! Does your ESP have a "no purchased lists" policy? If not, consider switching to one of these top ESPs. Read more.

Ask The Experts: Email Deliverability and Engagement | WhatCounts

"Perhaps one of the most significant areas email marketers tackle on a daily basis is email deliverability and the engagement of subscribers on our lists. There’s no point in sending if our messages don’t reach the inbox, or if they get there, go unread." Victoria Lopiano

Deliverability and engagement are top concerns for email marketers. There are many factors that can impact whether your email makes it to the inbox, and even more that can affect your engagement metrics. Should there be a feedback loop? When should a user be unsubscribed? How do you classify an active vs. an inactive user? Should I use an email validator to check my subscribers’ status? Victoria Lopiano answers some commonly asked questions to help you navigate your way. Read more.

How to Avoid the Perils of Overly Salesy Emails | Litmus

"Beating the “buy, buy, buy” drum too hard will cause more subscribers to start tuning you out and drive up the number of subscribers going through your reengagement program." Chad White

Think about your last encounter with an overly zealous sales person. You know the one: he won't give up and will call and email over and over. How did that make you feel? Did you want to buy his product? Chances are you didn't, and you were probably left with a bad impression. How can you ensure your emails don’t give subscribers the same feeling? Chad White shares five tips that will help you sell without being too salesy. Read more.

Stuck? Here are 7 Awesome Ideas for Your Next Email Marketing Campaign | Benchmark Email

"If you’ve got something important or even interesting to say, you need to say it on a regular basis to stay at the forefront of everyone’s mind." Shireen Qudosi

Deploying email campaigns on a regular basis is a great way to stay engaged with your audience. But let's be honest, it can be a struggle coming up with new content. Instead of sending the same old email template week after week, try thinking outside of the box. What about sending video content instead of static images? Here are seven creative ideas to help inspire and shape your next email marketing campaign. Read more.