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Retarget email subscribers on LinkedIn Ads
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Retarget email subscribers on LinkedIn Ads

Retarget email subscribers on LinkedIn Ads

One of the most critical aspects of building a successful digital marketing strategy is tailoring tactics based on the interaction your clients and prospects have with your brand. Having robust email marketing efforts means close to nothing if your social media, SEO, or PPC game is lacking. The only time when you can pat yourself on the back for doing an exceptional job is when you’ve built an omnichannel approach. An omnichannel or multichannel marketing strategy makes sure that you are delivering a unified experience to all users, regardless of the channel they are interacting with your brand on.

At DataValidation, we don’t believe just in offering the best email verification service on the market, but also in helping our customers get the most out of their email marketing campaigns. That’s why we have already created two step-by-step guides on retargeting email subscribers on Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Retargeting email addresses on LinkedIn Ads

You might think that we have already covered two of the most prominent players in the online advertising space, so what is the point of dealing with LinkedIn as well? First and foremost, all of these platforms are tailored to different audiences. While Google Ads works best for display and search campaigns, Facebook Ads brings the best results for B2C and e-commerce businesses, LinkedIn shines for recruiting and B2B efforts.

Because LinkedIn deals with resumes and stores a lot of data regarding work experience, companies, and industries, it is the perfect advertising platform when trying to grow your company or when you are on the lookout for new employees. Understanding when and how to use each advertising option will make it easier for you to decide what platform best serves your needs.

Now that we have got that out of the way let’s talk about some prerequisites that need to be matched before you can start creating a LinkedIn remarketing campaign based on your email list.

  • You need a LinkedIn Company Page
    If you don’t have one already, jump in and create one
  • You need a LinkedIn Campaign Manager account
    Setting up a new account is easy and should only take you a couple of minutes. Follow these instructions to get started
  • Segment your email list
    Decide on relevant criteria for your LinkedIn advertising campaign and segment your list accordingly
  • Download your email list

Upload an email list on LinkedIn

Uploading your first email list to the LinkedIn Campaign Manager is an easy task, if you have ticked all the prerequisites above. Here is our step-by-step guide:

  • Log in to your LinkedIn Campaign Manager account
    Just access your existing account or create a new one
  • Create a new Matched Audience
    Matched Audiences can be found under Account Assets. For there, all you have to do is chose to upload a new audience based on Company or Contact details.
LinkedIn Matched Audiences inside the Campaign Manager
  • Download the list from your ESP
    Based on the segment that you have already created, download the email list
  • Format the Contact template before uploading
    LinkedIn offers a CSV template to help users understand that the document needs to be formated. Follow the structure in the model to make sure that your data will be uploaded correctly.
LinkedIn List Formatting Example in Excel
  • Upload the list
    Complete the process by uploading the list, but not before making sure that you have included all the relevant data and that you have formatted the CSV file correctly. LinkedIn recommends uploading at least 10,000 email addresses in a list, so pay attention to that aspect.

It can take up to 48 hours for a list to be processed by LinkedIn. In the meantime, you cannot use the newly created Matched Audience for a new campaign. As soon as the list is processed, you will be able to see the total audience, as well as use it for creating a new advertising campaign. If you include the audience to a paid campaign beforehand, the audience will only impact the campaign after being processed.

Use a Matched Audience in a PPC campaign

Setting up a new LinkedIn advertising campaign is very similar to the other online advertising platforms that we have already talked about. There are some more precise targeting options for recruiting or for B2B campaigns, but otherwise, you will feel at home navigating LinkedIn’s interface.

How to create a new LinkedIn advertising campaign using an email list:

  • Create a new campaign
    LinkedIn campaigns are structured in Campaign groups. A group can only run one type of advertising campaign, meaning that for different types of PPC campaigns, you will need to create multiple groups. Start by creating a group or use an existing one.
  • Choose campaign objectives
    There are three main categories of campaign objectives: brand awareness, consideration, and conversion. Learn more about objectives and decide which one is a fit for your needs.
  • Define your audience
    You have multiple targeting options to choose from: location, profile language, company details (industry, size, category), demographics (age, gender), education (field of study, degrees), job experience (job titles, years of experience, seniority, skills), as well as interests and traits. Discover all details about targeting options before moving forward.
  • Add your Matched Audience
    Select your new List upload Matched Audience from the targeting section of your new LinkedIn campaign.
LinkedIn Campaign Manager Upload List
  • Select the ad format
    Depending on the objective you have picked in the second step, your ad format options might be a bit different, but the default ones are Single image ad, Carousel ad, Video ad, Message ad, Conversion ad. The ad format cannot be changed after saving the campaign, so make sure you select the correct one.
  • Adjust placements
    Select or deselect the LinkedIn Audience Network to allow or remove it from your campaign. The LinkedIn Audience Network will place your ad on a network of websites and applications outside of LinkedIn, to grow your reach.
  • Refine the budget and schedule
    You can choose from a daily budget or a lifetime budget or a combination of these two. Our suggestion is to always include the lifetime budget in your LinkedIn campaigns. Define how long you want your ads to run as well.
  • Set up your ads
    When creating ads, you have two options. You can either create new posts, or you can use your existing Page posts. The best approach is to try to have at least two different ads in a campaign so that you can compare results and conclude on which message or asset generated more engagement.
  • Review and launch
    You have reached the final step, and your campaign should be ready to go live. Just review all settings and make sure that everything looks good. If you cannot find anything off about your campaign, you can launch it.

There you go! You have just created your first retargeting LinkedIn campaign, using your existing email list. While this is just a small piece of the omnichannel approach we have discussed, it is something that will help you engage your customers and prospects on the platforms they frequent the most.