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Guide to MailChimp Email Verification
6 min read

Guide to MailChimp Email Verification

Guide to MailChimp Email Verification

Email has become an integral part of our existence. In both personal and professional circumstances, email provides solutions to various issues, while helping people, customers and businesses stay connected in a dynamic and ever-changing world. With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that more and more businesses are getting into email marketing. And MailChimp, controlling almost a quarter of the email service provider (ESP) market, is an obvious choice for so many marketers, solopreneurs, or sales executives.

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MailChimp email verification strategy

Part of managing an ESP account is learning how to grow your email lists organically, while at the same time learning how to make sure that the contacts are constantly kept up-to-date and that the list remains clean and fresh. The most important aspect of maintaining a clean email list is choosing the best email verification for your needs.

Email verification definition

Let’s start by defining what email verification is. Known under various names, such as email scrubbing, email list cleaning, or email validation, the process of email verification refers to identifying contacts within an email list that are either inactive or problematic. Email addresses can become inactive either because people change them or because they change jobs or lose access to an account. According to HubSpot, 22.5% of an email marketing database will degrade over just one year. On the other hand, problematic email addresses might refer to spam traps, formatting errors, or domain and website issues.

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As you can clearly see, the accuracy of your email list will directly impact the success of your email campaigns. Addressing these potential problems is actually way easier than you might imagine. All you need to do is pick an email verification solution and use it consistently. But how can you tell which service is right for you?

How to choose an email verification service

If you are looking for an email verification solution for your MailChimp account, there are some aspects that you will want to prioritize. Not all email verification services are the same. Therefore, finding the best one will mean going through a small but important checklist.

1. Reputation and compliance

The first and most critical criteria when analyzing different providers of email verification services is how reputable their solution is. Take into account the years the company has on the market, the brands that work with them. Analyze their privacy policy and make sure they are compliant with local or international regulations regarding data protection.

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DataValidation is one of the first players on the market to offer an all-in-one email verification solution. We have started back in 2007, making us one of the pioneers of such solutions. We are proud to say that our email scrubbing solution is being used by over 10,000 clients daily.

Furthermore, we have implemented strict and advanced data protection policies that ensure your email lists are secure. To comply with GDPR, we can even set verification servers in the EU, so that you are also compliant with regulatory requirements. If you have additional questions, please refer to our Data Protection Policy or contact us via LiveChat.

2. Native integration

Secondly, when considering an email verification solution, you will want to look at the availability of native integration with MailChimp. That will ensure that you will not have to constantly download and upload email lists from your ESP to upload to the email verification servers. A native integration can save you a lot of time. It also makes cleaning up email lists easier.

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At DataValidation, we are very proud of our hassle-free email verification solution. Not only do we offer native integration with MailChimp, among many others, but we allow you to create an account using MailChimp. We have understood that your comfort and trust come first, that why we have decided to prioritize features that MailChimp users will find useful, such as a Subscription package that makes sure you never run out of verification tokens.

3. Something extra

As we have already mentioned, there is an abundance of email verification services on the market right now. That is, without a doubt, great news for consumers, because competition pushes innovation forward. But finding the right solution for your MailChimp email verification needs might imply looking for differentiators. What is something a solution provides that makes sure you get the most out of your investment?

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We think we have the perfect combination of extra features that every MailChimp user will enjoy. Alongside top-of-the-line email verification, we have two differentiators that our customers have learned to expect and depend on. First of all, we offer a free quality report for each email list uploaded or imported into our app. That means that you will not have to guess whether or not you need to verify a list. Our free quality report contains a breakdown of the quality of your contacts. That way, you can always decide when is the best time to purchase a complete verification. Secondly, with AutoPilot, our email hygiene monitoring solution, you can keep an eye on how the quality of your email list deprecates over time. Both these solutions come with every DataValidation account, at no extra cost.

4. Support

As with any provider, the ability to contact and get in touch whenever something goes wrong is extremely important. Prioritize email verification providers that have great support options, such as phone, email, and LiveChat. At DataValidation, we believe in being there for you in the ways you prefer to contact us. If you run into a problem, rest assured that you can reach us by phone, by email, or by LiveChat.

Final thoughts

We are here to help you with making the most important decision regarding your MailChimp account. Picking DataValidation as your email verification solution will mean that you will get a service that offers native integration with your service of choice, is trusted by companies all over the world, and puts your first with top-of-the-line quality, great support, and extra features. Feel free to consult our Pricing page or get in touch via LiveChat to get to know us.