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Migrating to Emailable: The #1 Email Verification Solution
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Migrating to Emailable: The #1 Email Verification Solution

Migrating to Emailable: The #1 Email Verification Solution

As you may have heard already through social media, email, and our press release, DataValidation has been acquired by Emailable.

Many years ago, DataValidation launched as one of the first email verification providers on the market and is responsible for pioneering email verification via API, providing a self-service web application, and offering free email quality reports.

Where we’re at today.

Since the acquisition closed in early July, we’ve been hard at work to consolidate DataValidation's infrastructure and existing customer base with Emailable. Existing customers will not only benefit from the enhanced performance, but also from future products releases. We remain committed to ensuring that Emailable provides existing DataValidation customers with the reliable and easy-to-use platform they’ve come to know and trust.

What does this mean for you?

By migrating to Emailable, you will gain a ton of exciting new features:

For help getting started, we’ve put together this guide outlining all the new features you’ll gain by switching to Emailable. You can view that here.

We are here to help you make your campaigns Emailable.