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New ESP integration: AWeber
1 min read

New ESP integration: AWeber

New ESP integration: AWeber

Good news for AWeber users! We are happy announce that AWeber is our newest addition to our ESP integration-list.

With AWeber, you can create amazing campaigns with mobile-ready templates using the drag & drop editor. You can track engagement or stay up-to-date with AWeber’s Stats app, both before and after delivery, with the help of A/B testing and statistical reports.

You can now easily verify your AWeber email lists, directly in our app. Simply login to our app, click on “Linked accounts” and then select “Link with AWeber”.

After validation, to sync the validated list you will have to purchase the list. Once you completed the checkout, your email list will be automatically synced back to your AWeber account. You will also have the option to download the validated email list: your full list or only emails that were graded A or A+.

Benefits of AWeber + DataValidation

1. Easily import & validate email lists from your AWeber account
You can validate any list from your AWeber account in a matter of minutes. Connect - Import - Purchase!

2. Better engagement and more accurate reports
By validating your lists on a regular basis and sending your emails only to A+ and A grades, you will have a better engagement. Removing inactive, invalid and disposable emails from your list, your statistical reports will be more accurate.

Boost your email campaign performance and keep your lists healthy by cleaning your AWeber email lists on a regular basis!

Link your AWeber account!

Want to learn how you can actually use the integration to verify your email lists? This step-by-step tutorial will explain you in simple, easy steps how you can connect your AWeber account with DataValidation and validate your email list.