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New ESP integration: MailUp
2 min read

New ESP integration: MailUp

New ESP integration: MailUp

Good news for everyone using MailUp as their Email Service Provider. We are happy announce that MailUp is our newest addition to our integration-list.

With MailUp, you can create campaigns with great designs optimized for mobile devices. You have total control over your emails' performance, both before and after delivery, with the help of A/B testing and statistical reports.

Email validation is now easier and quicker with our new integration. Now you can verify your MailUp email lists, directly in our app. Simply login to our app, click on “Import Lists” and then select “Link with MailUp”.

After the email validation process is complete, your email list is synced back to MailUp and is ready to use.

Benefits of using MailUp +DataValidation:

  • Better engagement
    Make sure that you’re only reaching customers who want to hear from you. How do you do that? By removing the email addresses that never engaged with any of your messages.
    Our recommendation is to send emails only to those customers who were graded A+ and A.

  • Easy to use
    MailUp customers can validate any email list with a simple click.
    Just follow the steps below:
    -> Sign up/Login to our app
    -> Click on “Import Lists” and select “Link with MailUp”
    -> Authorize the app and select the list you want to validate

  • A reduced bounce rate and higher deliverability rate
    If you send emails to invalid addresses, they bounce back, which diminishes your reputation.
    By removing the risky and inactive emails, you will be able to keep your bounce rate low and deliverability rate high. Simply review the “before/after” numbers in your reports.

Keep your list healthy and boost campaign performance by regularly cleaning your email lists. Email validation should be tool used regularly to keep your email list quality constant. Use coupon code MAILUP10 to get 10% discount of your next validation!

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