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New feature: the Monthly Subscription
2 min read

New feature: the Monthly Subscription

New feature: the Monthly Subscription

We are excited to present our latest feature: Monthly Subscription - a subscription package that allows you to buy a fixed amount of tokens that will be added to your account each month.

What is it?

The “Monthly Subscription” is the newest addition to our feature list. You can now ensure that you never run out of tokens, no matter how big your list is.

How does it work?

Simply choose the package that suits you best and add it to your cart. The price is listed right next to your preferred token package. If you want more than 3 million tokens per month, you can contact one of our support agents to get a customized subscription.

The Monthly Subscription will add tokens to your account by charging your credit card, so you can easily and quickly validate your mailing lists:

  • Every month on the date of the month that the subscription was made on
  • Every time the token count reaches zero and the refill option is checked

This new feature makes a great team with our API. The email validation process can be fully automated by combining the API with the Monthly Subscription. Simply check the Refill option and your account will be automatically refilled with tokens when empty without having to suffer disruptions.

Advantages of a Monthly Subscription:

1. Automate!
Now you can automate your marketing flow without worrying about disruptions that can happen if you run out of tokens. This works great as an addition to our API or Zapier integration. Quickly validate mailing lists without any interruptions.

2. Save time!
Get your account refilled with tokens on a monthly basis or when empty, without having to check your token count or manually input any credit card details.

3. Customize!
Create a custom subscription plan that suits your validation needs by contacting our customer support representatives.

4. Tokens never expire!
Regardless the way they were purchased: manually or using a subscription, tokens never expire. Example: if somebody has a subscription for 10k tokens and doesn't do anything with them for 3 months, then in the fourth month they'll have 30k tokens that they can use however they wish.

How to add a monthly subscription package to your account

1. Go to “Billing” and choose the subscription package that suits your needs
2. Add the package to your cart and complete the checkout.
3. That’s it! Your account will now have the necessary amount of tokens anytime.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial to help you get started: How to add a monthly subscription package to your account