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New Year - New Features!
1 min read

New Year - New Features!

New Year - New Features! entered 2018 with new email validation features. The address-by-address analysis got better, offering you new info about your email list. This will provide you with a better understanding of who your subscribers are and the ability to segment them for better results.

In addition to the information that was available in your address-by-address analysis you will now also receive the following services:

  • Disposable email detection
  • Role-based email address detection
  • Normalized (canonical) email formatting

Disposable email detection

Email addresses that point to domains like and are utilizing a disposable email service. These services enable users to create one-time email addresses in order to receive transitory communications from a service (such as an activation email) and are then discarded. It is highly recommended you do not mail to disposable email addresses. Now that we offer disposable email detection you can easily segment your clean list and remove any of these emails.

Role-based email address detection

A role email is an address that's typically associated with a function (postmaster, support, sales, etc.) instead of a person. In some instances, mailing to a role address can lead to a decreased open rate and is generally advised against while sending marketing email.

Normalized (canonical) email formatting

There are some email providers that accept several variants of the same email address. That’s the reason why, before validating, we transform it into a canonical version. The idea is that email providers accept several variants of the same email address. The domain of the email is insensitive, which means that [email protected] is the same as [email protected]. Canonical version of email addresses is also used when generating the unique results file.

Don’t let hard bounces and low sender score mess with your email list. You can also take advantage of our disposable email detection feature to reduce bounces.

Validate your email list now and make sure you increase your revenue!