Put your email marketing on AutoPilot!

Our top priority at DataValidation is making sure you’re on track for better email deliverability and that you are only sending emails to high quality contacts!
In the last few months, our team worked hard to bring you the most amazing solution that always keeps your email lists clean and fresh: AutoPilot Lite.

What is “AutoPilot Lite”?

AutoPilot Lite is a subscription based package that allows you to monitor all email lists from your account at a specified period of time. Why is this helpful?

The quality of an email list might fade over time and we already agreed that a clean and up to date email list is important in your marketing campaigns. AutoPilot Lite will monitor the quality of your email lists and if at some point you decide that it’s time to update your list, you can buy your validated list.

How does “AutoPilot Lite” work?

AutoPilot Lite - Medium Package

Let’s say that you are interested in buying the Medium package. What happens next?

  • All your email lists from your account will be monitored every two weeks.
  • After that, you will receive an email with a free report.
  • You will see how your email lists fade over time and decide when the right time to buy full validation for a particular list is.


Small (monthly) - $9.99/month

  • Your list will be monitored once a month.
  • This package is suitable if you have up to 100,000 emails

Medium (every 2 weeks) - $14.99/month

  • Your list will be monitored every 2 weeks
  • This package is suitable if you have up to 250,000 emails

Large (weekly) - $19.99/month

  • Your list will be monitored every week
  • This package is suitable if you have up to 500,000 emails


  • You can design your own custom validation package and choose your preferred monitoring interval by contacting one of our Support Agents.

No matter what package you choose, your credit card will be charged once a month until you cancel the service.

Why should you use it?

A good email marketer always strives for more quality, and even better results.
One thing you should know is that email marketing is one part science and one part art. The science part comes in when you need to verify and clean up your email lists before sending an email. While we take care of the science part, you can focus on the art part and create an outstanding email campaign.

Value for Money
Instead of paying to validate your email list each month, with AutoPilot Lite you can monitor how fast your list is deteriorating and buy the validated list only when you decide that it’s time for a refresh.

Easy to use
Choose the package that best suits your needs and we’ll take care of the rest. Just keep an eye on your inbox to be sure you don’t miss the free report.

Keep your email lists clean and fresh with AutoPilot Lite!

Try autopilot lite


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