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New Year - New Features! entered 2018 with new email validation features. The address-by-address analysis got better, offering you new info about your email list. This will provide you with a better understanding of who your subscribers are and the ability to segment them for better results. In addition to the information that was available in your address-by-address

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The 4 Types of Relationships - Email Marketing Edition!

As an email marketer, you’ll find that not all subscribers respond to campaigns the same way. Some are responsive and active. Others … well … not so much. Here are four types of relationships you’ll experience at some point during your email campaigning journey: The Unsubscriber: He’s/She’s just not that into you!

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Put your email marketing on AutoPilot!

Our top priority at DataValidation is making sure you’re on track for better email deliverability and that you are only sending emails to high quality contacts! In the last few months, our team worked hard to bring you the most amazing solution that always keeps your email lists clean and fresh: AutoPilot Lite. What

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New feature: the Monthly Subscription

We are excited to present our latest feature: Monthly Subscription - a subscription package that allows you to buy a fixed amount of tokens that will be added to your account each month. What is it? The “Monthly Subscription” is the newest addition to our feature list. You can now ensure that you never run

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10 email marketing tips to increase engagement

Email keeps people connected. That's a fact! Go beyond email list quality! There are many ways to increase the effectiveness of email marketing, from testing subject lines and creative to increasing frequency and discounts. Below you will read ten tips to increase the engagement of your emails, to grow the email sourced traffic and ultimately,