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Using Targeting for More Effective Email Marketing
2 min read

Using Targeting for More Effective Email Marketing

Using Targeting for More Effective Email Marketing

We hear all the time that the most efficient and cost-effective branch of marketing is email marketing. Hearing this, you may say to yourself "If this is true, then why does my marketing campaign seem to be less effective as it should be?"

Well, there are many factors that determine the success and conversion of your email marketing campaigns. We’ve covered some of them in the past, but this week we’re concentrating on one key-word, and that is targeting. Articles chosen for This Week in Email explain how important targeting is, the benefits you reap from the efforts you put into campaigns, and how to optimize your campaigns through targeting.

This Week in Email is a weekly digest of email deliverability updates, email marketing news, and tips on online email verification and email list quality. If you have an article you would like us to consider, send us a tweet @datavalidation.

Why Small Sends Deliver Big Results | iContact

"Before I send a campaign, I never really worry about how many people it will hit. I think instead about how relevant it is to my audience. I would rather send a highly targeted campaign to a tiny subset of my list than risk future engagement with my subscribers." - John Hayes

This may sound strange to some, but John Hayes proves his point: it’s not only large subscriber numbers that matter when it comes to measuring success in email marketing, it’s relevancy through targeting that matters most. He makes his case based on observations and experience as a Marketing Strategist at iContact, by sharing it with his readers with a very confident and persuasive attitude. His conclusion: "If you are not taking the time to segment your lists and send highly targeted campaigns, you will never reach your full potential." Read more >>

Engaging Subscribers with Contextual Emails | AWeber

"...we’re moving beyond the strategy of simply creating content that’s relevant to a mass audience. Now, the focus is shifting towards creating and distributing content that’s relevant to each individual who interacts with your brand." Monica Montesa

Now is the time to get a little more practical. Monica Montesa talks about the same concept as John Hayes, naming it Contextual Email Marketing. After briefly describing what she means by this term - sending email to the right subscriber at the right time - she goes on to give practical ways to do that. The article is very focused on application, with a lot of examples that make it easy to understand why the reader should take her advice seriously! Read more >>

33 Ways to Personalize Your Emails at Scale |

"Segmentation is the not-so-secret key to email marketing success, because it’s all about preaching to your choir. Segmentation is when you group people based on certain shared characteristics in order to customize your message to strike a chord. It’s a way to personalize your communication that’s still scalable." Janet Choi

The other two articles mentioned segmentation as a way to target your email campaigns; now it’s time to get your hands dirty. Janet Choy, Marketing Manager at, delves into the details of segmentation. This article gives you some broad segmentation criteria, such as biographical details, interests and preferences, lifecycle stage, and behaviour, and then provides actual segmentation recipes. These recipes are very well-thought and clever; give them a try! Read more >>

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