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4 Valentine's Day Email Campaigns to Get You Inspired
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4 Valentine's Day Email Campaigns to Get You Inspired

4 Valentine's Day Email Campaigns to Get You Inspired

Throughout the year, there are just a couple of examples of holidays that truly engage people of all backgrounds, ages, or statuses. There are also very few holidays that allow marketers to so easily replicate value propositions, messages, and whole campaigns on a global scale. But Valentine’s Day is, without a doubt, one of the most popular year-round celebrations of love, that connects people, emotions, and brands in a way that feels genuine and is actually well-received.

Valentine's Day email marketing campaign examples

With that in mind, we are focusing today on examining some exquisite email campaigns that various brands have created for Valentine’s Day. We will be looking at three main aspects for each campaign: what we loved about the campaign, what made the campaign remarkable and memorable, and, finally, what marketers can learn from each example.


As one of the top destinations for streaming original and backlog series and movies, at least in the US, Hulu is well-positioned to promote their romantic comedies for Valentine’s Day. And, truth be told, during a worldwide pandemic, there is probably nothing more appropriate to do on Valentine’s Day than to stream a rom-com and chill. We are well aware it’s not Hulu and chill, but the company seems determined to change that, at least for one day a year.

What we love about this campaign:

Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day would be nothing without the shows and movies that we have grown to love. Regardless of one’s relationship status, Hulu promotes the idea that the holiday is a good occasion to celebrate love, in all its forms. As you can see from the screenshot, the email campaign features a combination of Hulu originals, as well as some well-known shows, like Modern Family or Bob’s Burgers. There is something so reassuring about knowing that the characters that have shaped your definition of life, struggles, or love are there for you at the tap of a button.

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What makes the campaign memorable:

Featuring some sharp visuals, Hulu is not afraid to turn the Valentine’s Day celebration on its head. There are no red hearts, the background is dark and the message is very strongly linked to the company. Furthermore, the fact that the campaign includes one LGBTQ couple is quite remarkable, considering how businesses usually talk about Valentine’s Day.

What you can learn from the campaign:

For businesses that offer a large diversity of products, not necessarily linked to entertainment, it could be a great idea to showcase some products that users will enjoy. Use personalization when determining each product and you are very likely to make a lasting impression.

Do not shy away from using visual assets that speak more about your brand than about the topic you are addressing. Lastly, if you have a progressive customer base, do not hesitate to feature their political or social, or cultural aspirations in your communication.


Ordering food, drinks, and even groceries has become an increasingly daily routine during the lockdowns that have been in place all over the globe. In that context, a company like Ritual, which operates an app that connects customers to businesses is very likely to be top-of-mind for many millennials and not only. While Ritual could have promoted a sale or recommend some places that users would be interested in for Valentine’s Day, they have gone on a more original and inspiring route.

What we love about Ritual’s email campaign:

This email campaign is many things, but it is not wordy. We simply appreciate when businesses make an effort to create messages that are well adjusted for the medium. We are very aware that email subscribers basically skim the content, without reading every word. It also talks about the power of email marketing that a well-designed newsletter can be so effective in communicating a simple message. Ritual makes great use of text formatting and standard Valentine's Day colors and shapes to get their message across but it works very well for this specific message.

What makes the email campaign stand out:

As we have mentioned in our end of year email campaign spotlight, one of the strategies that companies use is to feature a year-in-review campaign. But you rarely see it on any other occasion. Here is where Rituals truly stands out from the rest of Valentine’s Day communication we have analyzed. They appeal to the relationship built between the brand and the company, they mention some personalized details to each subscriber. That’s one great way to show a customer that you care and one brilliant occasion to share some love with your subscriber base.

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What to learn from this email campaign:

This should be a no-brainer, but the only way you can risk failing at your Valentine’s Day email campaign is by not taking risks. Try to think outside the box, do not be afraid to try out new ideas, even if your competition is probably going in a more traditional direction. Take the example from Ritual and see what happens when you surprise your subscribers with something that they do not expect.


After the legalization of marijuana in a couple of states, there has been a growing demand for products aimed at both recreational and medical purposes. But the businesses involved in the distribution of cannabis products, while some of them extremely successful, are not quite what a customer would associate with a Valentine’s Day email campaign. And that is not the point. Whatever the industry or business model, as long as we are talking about B2C companies, every business should use any opportunity to get its message in front of prospects and customers.

What we appreciate:

Collaborations between a brand and an influencer are becoming more and more common in today’s world. But you rarely see a big, world-renowned influencer associate their image with a potentially controversial product. That’s what we love about the Canopy Growth email campaign. They place Meghan Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex, front and center in their newsletter. Back then she might have been less known, but just think about the impact the brand association has over time. That’s one way to play the long game!

The wow factor:

Featuring curators is a very nice spin on the whole influencer marketing approach. The influencer isn’t there just as a celebrity, but also as a business owner and as an expert in the field. We truly believe that the secret to a successful campaign is in understanding how to best utilize each asset that you have at your disposal.

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Lessons to learn:

It goes without saying that collaborations should always be on the table when it comes to effective marketing campaigns. But what the Canopy Growth email shows us is that there is a lot of potential in identifying the right collaborator and finding the best way to maximize that opportunity.


As one of our first native integrations, we are very proud to place AWeber on this list, not just because we are fans of their service, but also because we believe they did great work with their Valentine’s Day email marketing campaign.

What we love about this campaign:

For B2B companies, holidays like Valentine’s Day or Saint Patrick’s Day can prove a little bit trickier to tackle. But AWeber shows us that it’s not an impossible job, either. All you need to keep in mind, as a marketer, is what is appropriate for your audience. As seen from this example, keeping the communication clean, traditional, simple, can work great for a B2B company. We are impressed with companies that do not shy away from engaging with their subscribers on every occasion, even if it requires a bit of creativity.

What makes the campaign memorable:

GIFs and interactive elements in an email campaign can really lead to an increase in terms of click rate. It is important to keep all these assets in line with your overall brand identity, but otherwise, businesses should feel free to test out various ideas.

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AWeber uses a simple GIF in their email campaign for Valentine’s Day, but we would argue that this approach is extremely appropriate for their audience. AWeber is very aware of the impact GIFs have on the success of a newsletter, because they operate one of the earliest ESPs on the market. When discussing with marketing professionals, it is important to adjust the message accordingly and AWeber does just that by emphasizing the effectiveness of interactive assets.

What you can learn from the campaign:

With every campaign, especially if we are talking about B2B brands, you should try to be helpful, to provide subscribers with information that they might actually find useful. AWeber proves that you can craft a successful Valentine’s Day email marketing campaign by just showcasing an example of a tip and trick they want to share with their audience.