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3 Articles to Help Improve Email Deliverability
2 min read

3 Articles to Help Improve Email Deliverability

3 Articles to Help Improve Email Deliverability

In this week's segment, we highlight FAQs around purchased email lists, list validation services, and common deliverability issues.
This Week in Email is a weekly digest of industry news, email deliverability tips, and inbound marketing best practices. If you have an article you would like us to consider, send us a tweet @datavalidation.

List Validation Service FAQs | ReturnPath

"Generally speaking, list validation services are able to identify email addresses pre-deployment as either valid or invalid. Every service is different, so you will likely find that there are more possible results than just those two, but the idea is that these services help you identify good and bad addresses before sending to them." Jordan Hunt

Sending to subscribers that have undeliverable email addresses will negatively impact your sender reputation, and your ability to get placed in the inbox rather than the junk folder. List validation gives you insight into the quality of your mailing list before deploying a campaign, and removes most undeliverable subscribers. The headache of a higher than normal bounce rate and poor delivery can be prevented by following email marketing best practices, including utilizing a comprehensive email validation service (like DataValidation. ) Deliverability is not easy to master, and email list hygiene can be a great asset to your email marketing routine. In this post, ReturnPath reviews list validation services and provides recommendations on when and where to implement it. Read more.

Understanding Why Purchasing an Email List Is Never a Good Idea | EliteEmail

"In order to properly explain why purchasing an email list is never a good idea, it’s important to impart one clear, concise fact about this process to you and the rest of the readers browsing this article – most lists for sale are bad." Victor Green

Starting an email list from scratch can be daunting. You may be tempted to take what seems like a shortcut to building your email list. While purchasing an email list may sound like a quick way to reach new leads, let's take a closer look at the long term effects of sending to a purchased list. From getting all of your IPs banned (meaning ISPs won't accept your email) to plummeting deliverability metrics, purchasing a list can lead to a flood of negative consequences for your marketing efforts as well as for your brand's reputation. In this post, EliteEmail sheds light on why putting in the hard work to grow your email list the right way is always the way to go. Read more.

Deliverability 101: Back To The Basics Q & A | WhatCounts

"Hitting spam traps regularly is a signal that your list acquisition or hygiene practices need improvement. In most cases, if your list is obtained by clear permission – not obtained through purchase, harvesting, or a third party – spam trap hits will be minimal." Brad Gurley

Can your IP reputation be affected by the email practices of others? Do you know what is considered an acceptable bounce rate? (Hint: under 3%.) What type of bounce rate can get you in trouble with your ESP? Brad Gurley, Director of Deliverability at WhatCounts, shares an insider's perspective to these and other deliverability questions. Read more. Want to improve your email deliverability? Try our email list cleaning service today! Sign up here: