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4 Tips for Highly Effective Email Marketers
3 min read

4 Tips for Highly Effective Email Marketers

4 Tips for Highly Effective Email Marketers

From lead generation to switching email service providers, this week's roundup highlights list hygiene tips, optimizing for mobile, and leveraging content for opt-ins. This Week in Email is a weekly digest of industry news, email marketing tips, and cool products and features. If you have an article you would like us to consider, send us a tweet @datavalidation.

How To Clean Your Email List| Flashissue

"Keeping outdated and undeliverable emails out of your email list is essential for effective email marketing. Here’s how you can clean your email list and ensure better delivery." Phil Hill

Flashissue is a slick tool that makes curating and emailing content a snap. It's free to use, integrates with Gmail and MailChimp, and provides tracking tools for your email marketing. If you send email, you probably know how important it is to protect your sender reputation. A beautifully designed email is useless if it doesn't reach the inbox. How can you keep your email list up to date and avoid bounces? Phil Hill explains how to quickly clean an email list before deploying a marketing campaign. Check out Flashissue's app here.

Is Your House In Order? A Deliverability Checklist When Switching ESPs | YesMail

"Carrying bad data unnecessarily is an awful lot like hoarding, and in email marketing the results of that approach could mean a less than stellar launch from your new ESP. Your sender reputation could suffer and anything from prolonged bulking or blocking issues to blacklistings could lead to a problematic first experience with your new ESP." Andrew Puttock

Knowing where to move, what to pack, and what to leave behind is important when considering a new ESP. The first step is identifying which ESPs can meet your email marketing needs. Once you decide on a new home base, you'll want to take intentional steps to protect your deliverability, like using an email cleaning service. This transfer period is the perfect time to do a full database clean. Andrew Puttock goes over the must have data, and recommends removing all undeliverable emails from your list before moving in to your new home. Read more.

Lead Generation For Beginners | GetResponse

"Research showed that what a prospect reads before he becomes a lead is hugely influential in understanding their needs, which in turn impacts your marketing strategies – helping you reach the right customer whose needs are met." Sara-Ruth Wolkiewicz

You work hard to produce content your followers will appreciate and enjoy. Driving new traffic to your site and converting visitors into leads can be done by leveraging this existing content. Have you ever considered bartering? Give a free trial of your service to a high profile blogger in exchange for a guest blog post. Webinars are a great way grow your mailing list, and provide valuable information to your leads. Don't forget to download the lead generation checklist at the end of the post. Read more.

Why No One is Reading Your Emails on Mobile | Unbounce

"Not adjusting to the needs of your mobile customer means that you’re leaving money on the table. And we’d hate to see you do that." Mark John Hiemstra

You may have heard that majority of emails are now opened on mobile devices, but did you know 75% of people who receive an email that isn’t optimized for mobile will just delete it? Meaning if you aren't optimizing your emails for mobile viewing, you shouldn't bother sending them. Nobody wants their emails to be sent to the trash! Something as simple as changing a font size can improve the readability of your emails. In this post, Unbounce provides insight into 4 reasons your mobile emails may be failing, and how you can fix them. Read more.

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