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5 Deliverability Basics You Should Be Reviewing Constantly
4 min read

5 Deliverability Basics You Should Be Reviewing Constantly

5 Deliverability Basics You Should Be Reviewing Constantly

Deliverability is ever-changing so it's important to constantly review the basics. In this weekly roundup, we revisit spam traps, old email lists, no-reply emails, inbox placement, marketing metrics, and email design. If you missed The Email Design Conference (TEDC15), check out the fantastic synopsis by Mike Nelson of Really Good Emails.
This Week in Email is a weekly digest of email deliverability advice, email marketing best practices, and inbound marketing news. If you have an article you would like us to consider, send us a tweet @datavalidation.

Spam Traps – Why sending to an old list can do more harm than good | iContact

"Having one spam trap on your email list may not get you blacklisted immediately, but a minor situation can escalate quickly when it comes to spam. It’s important to remember that the organizations that monitor spam traps don’t have any way of knowing (or caring) how large your email list is or whether their trap is the only one on your list. The only thing they care about is that you’ve landed in their trap, which they interpret as bad behavior and a reason to blacklist your email address." Brendan Matthews

It's getting close to the holiday marketing rush, and you may get caught up in the excitement and have the desire to email as many contacts as possible. You grab an old email list, thinking you can dust it off and send those subscribers your holiday marketing messages. Not so fast! Emailing an old contact list, or to subscribers that have not received email in more than 6 months, can be very harmful! The average lifespan of an email address is only around 18 months, and email addresses are often recycled into spam traps. The risk of hitting spam traps and damaging your sender reputation is much higher with an old email list. Before deploying marketing messages to an aged email list, take the time to clean your list of undeliverable emails, send a reengagement or reconfirm campaign, and remove unengaged subscribers. Read more >>

Are You Looking at the Best Marketing Metrics? | Convince & Convert

"48% of senior-level marketers rate 'quantifying marketing’s ROI' as a major challenge, second only to 'budgetary constraints'. Without an attribution model and ROI visibility, it’s difficult to have a cohesive, holistic strategy. Complicating this further is evidence that channel marketers aren’t using the same metrics to measure success that their leaders do." Chad White

How do you measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts? What metrics are you currently tracking? For email marketers, there are specific metrics that can reveal the effectiveness of your efforts. It's important to know how to properly analyze these metrics to come to an accurate conclusion of the success of a marketing program. In this article, Chad White explores the key performance indicators valued by channel marketers versus those by senior-level marketers. He includes an awesome Email Metrics Matrix to help visualize email marketing metrics and where they fit into the big picture. Read more >>

Who’s Afraid of the Spam Folder? How to Always Reach the Inbox | GetResponse

"How many of your emails reach your subscribers’ inboxes? 100%? 90% 80%? It might be less than you think. Many of us – me included, until recently – think that when we talk about emails reaching the inbox, we’re talking about deliverability rate. But we’re not. Sneaky little thing about deliverability rates… They include the emails that go to spam folders." Pam Neely

One metric that every email marketer cares about is the deliverability rate. Did you know your deliverability rate includes emails that have been placed in the spam folder? Theoretically (but unlikely), you could have 100% deliverability with all of your messages in spam folders. This information is not widely known, and it can greatly affect your ROI. In this post, Pam Neely talks about the misleading nature of deliverability rates and the importance of tracking deliverability on a deeper level. She provides a great infographic from 250OK, an email analytics company, to help explain the relationship between email deliverability and the inbox placement rate. Read more >>


"A full half of the transactional messages I recently reviewed in my inbox asked me not to reply to the email. In this age when most companies are actively trying to engage them in social media, why don’t they want email replies?" Jeanne Jennings

Jeanne Jennings first wrote on this topic about 10 years ago but this post still rings true today. Transactional emails can be a great way to interact and foster communication with customers. Yet many companies still don’t give customers the option to reply their transactional emails. Instead they yell at the customer with this: “DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL”. Even if a company can’t handle an influx of replies, there's a better way to get the message across! To start, don’t use all caps lettering. If your company has no-reply emails, here are some great tips to make your messages more friendly and help your customers contact you. Read more >>

The Email Design Conference Recap | Really Good Emails

"The speakers were great, but the conference was sold out even before the speakers were announced. Yeah, I thought that was crazy too. They didn’t need to get some famous celebrity to come speak or rely on the merits of someone’s company or title — they just grabbed people that knew what they were talking about." Mike Nelson

Did you miss TEDC15? That's ok, we did too. It wasn't like your typical conference where most sessions are eventually a product presentation. The conference was fully funded by Litmus, allowing them to offer pitch-free content from speakers who are great at what they do and want to share their experiences. The attendees of the conference came from all different backgrounds and experience levels, giving people the opportunity to mingle and learn about how others work with email. Mike Nelson of Really Good Emails gives a recap of his experience and shares his favorite sessions and takeaways from the conference. You'll wish you had been there. Read more >>

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