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5 offer emails to draw inspiration from
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5 offer emails to draw inspiration from

5 offer emails to draw inspiration from

Special prices, discounts, or offers are all valuable ways of interacting with subscribers. It becomes increasingly clear that customers need and appreciate a personal relationship with the brands they care about. In this context, understanding what your contacts expect in terms of offers will give you a competitive advantage. For this purpose, we are going to look at five examples of offer emails, analyze what they are doing well and how you can implement those best practices for your own email marketing campaigns.

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Best offer email examples

We are going to look at offer emails from 3 perspectives: how good the incentive is, how well the design of the emails emphasizes the offer, and the copy. Let’s get started.

1. Design Files

For a website that offers professional resources for designers, their emails need to stand out from a visual standpoint. And they knock it out of the park. With a slick and minimalist design, that allows the copy of the email to stand out, Design Files delivers an experience that encourages subscribers to want to learn more.

Here is what we love about this email:

  • The benefit is clearly highlighted
  • Short email body text that is easy to read
  • A good comparison between the value of the offer and the final price
  • Two simple call to action buttons that are closely related to the topic of the email

What you can learn from this example:

  • Prioritize the look and feel of the email
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Give a clear incentive to subscribers
  • Make your copy easy to read by those that will skim your email

2. Tattly

As with every fashion brand out there, Tattly, which offers a large variety of temporary tattoos, strives for simplicity and visual impact. That’s why their offer email seems personal, created by, and for the younger generations. When you look at their newsletter, it is difficult not to realize how well that same design would fit on Instagram or on other social media platforms.

What we love about Tattly offer email:

  • The email is bold, filled with radiant colors
  • Extremely easy to read
  • The main topic stands out
  • It incorporates social media communication style

What you can learn from this example:

  • Making a first impression is hard, so be courageous
  • Know your audience and write the copy with their preferences in mind
  • Create emails that resemble your social media posts
  • Let the offer you send out speak for itself
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3. Taco Bell

If the previous two examples proved anything is that engaging millennials and gen z’s is not as easy as it looks. Even large corporations like Taco Bell need to adapt to the style that this audience expects. All offer emails seem to place a great emphasis on the visual aspect. Taco Bell makes no exception in this regard. But it also includes more traditional elements, such as the header menu. They probably know what subscribers are interested in more than just the main topic of the emails, so they allow anyone to reach the website with ease.

What Taco Bell did really well:

  • Image with recognizable Taco Bell elements
  • Short description right at the top
  • The menu allows for easy website navigation
  • Strong and catchy value proposition

What to learn from this example:

  • Do not shy away from promoting multiple topics in a simple email
  • Remember to use assets that will help subscribers identify your brand
  • Allow easy access to the main sections of your website from the email

4. Freshly

With the increased awareness of people regarding healthy eating, companies such as Freshly are working on an increasingly crowded market. Email marketing may help them differentiate themselves and stand out from the crowd. An attractive and hard to refuse offer will probably achieve the same outcome faster.

What Freshly does well in their offer email:

  • Time-limited offer to help customers decide
  • Tapping into FOMO (fear of missing out)
  • Representative photo in the header of the email
  • Great visual elements to highlight discounts
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What you can learn from this example:

  • If you have a great product that people love, showcase it in photos
  • Create time-limited offers to keep your customers coming back for more each week
  • Put an emphasis on how much your customers can save with each order

5. GoPro

Selling electronics to consumers is a more difficult job than selling them temporary tattoos or cooked meals. But we want to address a different sector of the market with our final example. GoPro offered three great incentives to its customers. First of all, they included a free SD card with each order. Secondly, all orders come with free shipping. Lastly, GoPro customers could also benefit from a discount when purchasing a specific item. That’s how you do it!

What GoPro did extremely well:

  • They have added three incentives
  • The email prioritizes incentives
  • A short benefit of the product is included in the header
  • Contrast is created to highlight the discount

What you can learn from GoPro:

  • Do not disregard ongoing benefits when promoting a discount
  • Prioritize incentives based on what is most important to your customers
  • Test out various designs that will best shine a spotlight on your current offer


Offer emails come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on your industry and brand, you can learn from the examples showcased above how to create your own emails. You don’t just want to announce subscribers of a discount or promotion, but you also want to engage them on a personal level.

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Here are the main takeaways from this article:

  • Offer emails need to be visual and to feature images that highlight the brand and the product
  • Keep it short and simple. Try to create an email copy that gets right to the point.
  • Use a direct and appealing call to action button
  • If you communicate with subscribers often, do not keep the offer email with just one topic
  • Use bold colors and large text to transmit the benefit of the offer