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7 email marketing tips you need to know for 2020
7 min read

7 email marketing tips you need to know for 2020

Email marketing is not always easy. In fact, as the year progresses, you’ll really need to be on top of things if you want to stay afloat. But, don’t let that scare you. Just like with any other marketing strategy, email marketing tips are here to help you to not only get through this, but thrive.
7 email marketing tips you need to know for 2020

Email marketing is not always easy. In fact, as the year progresses, you’ll really need to be on top of things if you want to stay afloat. But, don’t let that scare you. Just like with any other marketing strategy, email marketing tips are here to help you to not only get through this, but thrive.

With that said, we’ve compiled a short but comprehensive list of the best email marketing tips that we truly believe you will need to know for this upcoming year and beyond.

Tip #1: Build your subscriber list

I’m sure there are lots of strategies floating around your head at any given time. Sometimes, the best strategies are the simpler ones. And sometimes those strategies are looked over because of their simplicity.

That’s why our #1 email marketing tip is to build a strong and active email subscriber list. You’ve heard us talk about the importance of a strong email subscriber list before, like in our article about small business marketing ideas. It makes the top of the list there, too. And it’s for a good reason!

These subscribers will be the backbone of your email marketing campaigns, and ultimately be the ones driving conversion through email. Like a child playing with legos, you’ll build a strong foundation.


But, of course, you need to make sure that your subscriber list is real and active. DataValidation brings the best software you can possibly get for email validation to the table. With a 99% accuracy rate, you can rest assured that those emails that you worked tirelessly on are getting sent to real people. Plus, if your bounce rate exceeds that 1%, you get refunded for the difference.

Once you have built a strong and active email list, you can move on to more advanced email marketing strategies. We’ll cover some of those, too, but the foundation of any good email marketing strategy starts with a validated email list.

Tip #2: Create engaging email content

Engaging email content makes the list at #2 on email marketing tips for 2020 because it plays directly off of tip #1. If you want your email subscribers to be active and engaged, you have to create engaging content for your emails.

What exactly does “engaging” email content look like? Well, it’s really not as wild as you might think. In fact, it might be way easier than you’re imagining right now. Let’s break it down further:

  • Create irresistible subject lines
    Let’s clarify that “irresistible” does not, in any way, shape, or form, translate to “clickbait”. You want to have a beautifully crafted subject line, of course, but you also want the user's intent to be clear. Make it catchy, but don’t lie about anything.

  • Craft your email body with an entertaining voice
    You don’t need to be a comedian or actor to make an interaction entertaining. The easiest thing to do in this regard is to just remember that the recipient on the other side of that email is human just like you. Talk to them like humans.

  • Focus on targeted content
    Targeted emails have proven to be a massive success in email marketing. So much so that it could probably be its own email marketing tip. But, we’ll list it here because it goes along very well with engaging content.

Targeted emails help you boost those conversions by crafting emails deliberately for a target audience. To those people, these targeted emails will be the most entertaining because they are made with them in mind completely.

Follow these email marketing tips for engaging and entertaining content and you will be sure to see some better conversion rates, lower bounce rates, and a higher overall customer satisfaction score.

Tip #3: Be personal

Again, you’ve heard us talk about the importance of being conversational before. It’s important, but that’s not what this email marketing tip is going to be about this time.

Instead, I want to highlight the importance of using your real name in the email. Just like in a personal letter to a friend (if people still do that nowadays) or an email to a family member, you’ll want the recipient to know who it came from.


Signing out the email with your name, position, and company name will help the recipients know and understand that these emails aren’t just some computer generated jargon. Instead, it’s a thought-out, hand crafted, and purposefully sent email dedicated especially to them.

Doing this helps take the corporate filter off of any email. Sure, there will be times when you will need to be corporate, but for your average email, a personal touch is more important.

Tip #4: Don’t be generic

As easy as it is to just grab a template and plug your information in, it’s really not the best idea for a business email. You want to have a distinction between you and every other email someone might get in their inbox. If you’re using a generic template, it will be even more difficult for the reader to pick your email out of the potential hundreds they get.


It may take some extra time, and maybe even a little money, but coming up with your own format, layout, and email flow will help you in the long run. Throw your company logo up there to really seal the deal.

You could even come up with a few different email layouts in order to cover numerous occasions, or to just have some designs in the bank for when you want to change things up a little bit. Either way, this email marketing tip pays by giving you your own unique email layout.

Tip #5: Don’t pay for email lists

For an email marketer, buying an email list is probably one of the worst practices you can have. There are many cons to this practice, and there really aren’t any pros. This may sound like old news, but it’s worth mentioning as an email marketing tip simply because there will be people contacting you about buying an email list.

For starters, you’re buying a generic list. Not only do you have no guarantee that these emails are even real, but you have no idea if the emails you’re sending them are relevant in the slightest.

Eventually, what will end up happening is you will send emails to a spam trap. Spam traps are emails that are inactive, but that are sent to a lot. As you can imagine, this is not a good thing for your IP reputation, and can result in many of your emails being sent to spam and never seeing the light of day.

All-in-all, purchased email lists are just bad news. You are much better off building your email list from the ground up. This is the only way you can assure yourself that you’ll have an active email subscriber list, and that your emails are being sent to the right audience.

Tip #6: Add alt-text to buttons and images

If you’ve ever worked with SEO, you’ll know how important alt-text is for web browsers. If not, then let me explain. Alt-text is simply the text attached to an element like a CTA button or image that helps the web browser and email client understand the contents of the email.

This will also help visually impaired readers understand what the image is about, as well as provide context to the image in case it doesn’t load.

Tip #7: Plan to send emails at the most active times

What’s one of the first things you do when you get to the office? Check your email, of course! For that reason, it’s best to determine what the most active times and days are for your email list subscribers.


No matter what time zone someone is in, you can always schedule batches of emails to be sent out according to the subscriber’s location. What are the best times? Well, you may have to do a little testing. Here are a few additional email marketing tips regarding times:

  • 6am - Around this time, many people are beginning their day. Whether it be arriving to work, or checking their emails from their phone, it’s a good time to send.

  • 10am - later in the morning has also proven to be a good send time. A lot of people take their time getting to work and settling in for the day. The coffee kicks in, bagels have been consumed, and it’s time to check email. At least for a lot of people.

  • 2pm - This is around the time where people are looking for a little mental break from the work day. Emails are often a go-to for people looking for a little breather.

  • 8pm - Now, I know what you’re thinking, and the truth is that this is actually a very successful send time. People are getting home, winding down, and checking their emails for the very last time for the day.

In addition to times, you’ll also want to keep days in mind. Mondays and Fridays are generally not a good idea as people are either focusing on getting the week going, or focusing on going home for the weekend.

Instead, the ideal send days are typically in the middle of the week. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are and always will be the most ideal send days.

The conclusion

Although trends come and go, you can rest assured that these 7 email marketing tips will help you greatly in 2020 and in the years to come.

The key to any good marketing strategy is to be straightforward and to keep the reader in mind. Whether it be with content, images, layouts, or any other email element, the focus should always be on the reader. If you keep that in mind when crafting and sending your emails, you’ll surely find success.