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Fall Into Success!
3 min read

Fall Into Success!

Fall Into Success!

If money really did grow on trees, would Fall be everyone's favorite season?

Farewell to Summer - Fall is officially here! The Oak and Maple trees are filled with warm colors and start to fall one by one. Mornings become cooler and the wind blows fresh, crisp air. Days become busier as we dive into this last quarter of the year!

We know how much time is put into creating that perfect email campaign! If you truly want it to seem as if money is falling from trees this Fall season, it’s true, validating your emailing list is the perfect way to get started! Some marketers are a bit weary of using a mailing list cleaner, but you shouldn't be. As long as you chose a reputable service, this will only help in your marketing efforts. Email validation keeps you sending only to active emails and helps you avoid those emails that will cause problems for your campaign.

You have completed the first step - collecting your subscribers. So, what do you do now? Do you immediately start sending to these emails? Do you combine the new subscribers with the old subscribers? How do you actually know the emails were not misspelled in the sign-up form? How do you know the emails are actually real?

Validate Your Emailing List Today!

Email marketers face these important questions everyday! Validating your email list is the perfect way to get started. Validating your email list means you are taking the first step to improving the deliverability of your email campaigns! You instantly have a better chance of reaching those who were designated to receive your email. By using a mailing list cleaner, you can remove any emails that could permanently damage your reputation as a sender! Sending to too many undeliverable emails can cause your Email Service Provider (ESP) to actually block you from sending mail or even suspend your account! It is important to always stay up to date with your emailing list. Upload your emailing list for a Free Report as a file, link with an ESP, or validate emails as they sign-up with our API.

Take Advantage of Our Integrations!

Next, you might want to consider an Email Service Provider, or ESP, such as MailChimp or MailUp, to send emails in bulk. Everyone who sends email has a reputation or sending score. Your sending reputation includes all bounce history, if you land in the Spam folder, your ability to comply with email sending regulations, sending to actives/inactives history, etc. In addition, every ESP has several checks and verifications of their own in place to make sure you are complying with email sending regulations.

NEVER GET BLOCKED! DataValidation offers one of the fastest, most accurate, high quality validation services in the market! We work hard to get the best accuracy possible by analyzing your list several times before giving it back to you. When you choose to use an mailing list cleaner, you will quickly see the benefits!

Validate your emailing list this Fall by linking your account with your preferred ESP below! Simply choose which list(s) you want to validate and view an always free quality report for each one. Once you view your free report and purchase your list, sit back and watch as we do the rest! We will sync your results back to your original list (MailChimp, MailUp, etc.) Then, your list is ready to be further segmented! We recommend sending to A/A+ only, which are our safe-to-send-to deliverable emails!

Use coupon code FALL17 to save you 17% off your total purchase during Fall of 2017!

Link your DataValidation account with your preferred ESP below. Be on the lookout for Aweber, EmmaMail and Drip, which are coming soon!