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Free Email List Monitoring + Win an iPad
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Free Email List Monitoring + Win an iPad

Free Email List Monitoring + Win an iPad

One of our core beliefs at DataValidation is that you should always know the status of your email lists for free. For years we have provided the Always Free Email Assurance Report for any email list uploaded to our service. While that provides transparency into the current status of a list, it doesn’t solve the problem of always knowing the health of your email lists.

Free Email List Monitoring

We are excited to share our new Email Assurance application, complete with free daily email list monitoring, new integrations, and an interactive dashboard to monitor your status over time.


By empowering you to always know the health of your email list, you can make timely, informed decisions on list maintenance. Just think, what if you could know when a bunch of bad data was added to your list… or if a list you haven’t mailed to in a while has undeliverable emails… or how deliverable a list is before you send your campaign? How would that information improve your email marketing program? We want to know!

Link an account, and try out our application while it is still in beta. You may even win an iPad mini for your effort!

Tweet to Win an iPad mini!####



  1. Sign up for our new Email Assurance app and link a MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, MailGun, or SendGrid account.

  2. Once your email lists have been imported and processed, you will see an Email Assurance score on the Interactive Dashboard.

  3. Tweet your score anytime before February 28, 2015 to be entered to win!

  4. To be eligible for the drawing you must tweet your Email Assurance Score at least once, and keep your ESP account linked for the remainder of the contest.

  5. We’ll randomly choose a winner on March 2, 2015.

Contest runs from January 15 - February 28, 2015