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How Important is Email Deliverability to Your Holiday Season ROI?
3 min read

How Important is Email Deliverability to Your Holiday Season ROI?

How Important is Email Deliverability to Your Holiday Season ROI?

Did you know email authentication made national headlines last week? In this weekly roundup we discuss the importance of email authentication, steps to take before launching your holiday marketing campaigns, and the perils of purchased email lists.
This Week in Email is a weekly digest of email deliverability updates, inbound marketing news, and tips on email list health. If you have an article you would like us to consider, send us a tweet @datavalidation.

Email Authentication Matters & The E-ZPass Phishing Scam Proves It | Dyn

"You know email authentication is big news when you hear about a lack of it on Good Morning America." Josh Nason

If you've dabbled in email marketing at all, you’ve probably heard the terms email authentication, DMARC, SPF, and DKIM. If you haven't implemented these into your sending infrastructure, take a lesson from the recent email phishing scam that made headlines on Good Morning America. Josh Nason uses E-ZPass’s experience with email-driven phishing scams to give a real-life example of the importance of email authentication. Authentication can give ISPs the information needed to recognize you as a legitimate sender to avoid spam filtering, and is useful as a protective measure for your recipients. Read more >>

Deliverability during the Holiday Email Rush | Only Influencers

"In addition to increasing volume to current and engaged customers, retailers often look to older, unengaged lists during the holidays. This has a double negative effect. First, addresses that have gone dormant, whether they bounce or not, can drive reputation down. Second, sending to people after a long period of no email can result in increased complaint rates. Increased complaints, increased bounces, and increased email to abandoned addresses all drive reputation down." Laura Atkins

Are you ready for the holiday email rush? Too soon you say? Many email senders find themselves in trouble during the holiday season, losing precious opportunities to reach potential customers due to deliverability issues. In Q3 of 2014, Zulily's stock dropped 15% after announcing email delivery problems due to changes at their ESP. Rather than scramble to fix problems, take a proactive approach to your holiday email marketing. Laura Atkins explains why senders face increased deliverability issues during the holidays and provides advice on making email deliverability part of your overall email marketing strategy. Read more >>

Making Sure Your Email Service Provider is Holiday-Ready | MessageGears

"A good marketer knows that designing a successful holiday email program requires months of planning. But without the proper technology and infrastructure, a holiday email program won’t be successful no matter how well everything else has been planned." Will Devlin

Your email service provider is an integral part of your holiday email marketing success. It's important to talk with your ESP about your holiday marketing plans prior to launching your campaigns. What happens if the ESP goes down? How much email volume can the ESP handle? How accessible is your data? Will someone be available if problems do arise? What is the backup plan? Will Devlin discusses the importance of knowing what is doable from an ESP perspective, and talking through possible scenarios to be ready for anything that comes your way. Read more >>

Why email deliverability should be top of mind for all marketers | RetailDive

"Why should marketers be concerned about deliverability? If your email doesn’t even make it to the inbox, you might as well have not sent it." David Kirkpatrick

Email is a centerpiece of digital communication. Deliverability should be a main component of your email marketing efforts, not an afterthought. David Kirkpatrick shares deliverability best practices and terminology relevant to all marketers, including: using a double optin, registering a subdomain, segmenting subscribers, and cleaning your email list. Removing emails that are no longer valid and subscribers that do not engage will reduce your bounce and complaint rate, and may be the number one step to better deliverability. Read more >>

Why Buying an Email List Is Not a Short Cut | MailJet

"Of all the growth hacks you might come across, buying an email list might seem like the quickest guarantee to a booming email audience. But remember – no valuable relationship can ever be bought." Sasha Seddon

If you’ve ever considered purchasing an email list, be aware the risk is high and the reward is rarely there. While the thought of quickly acquiring a large list of emails is attractive, mailing to a purchased list can destroy your sender reputation and damage your company reputation. Like any good relationship, time and effort must be invested in building an email list. Sasha Seddon builds a strong case against purchased lists and shares tips for growing your email list organically. This may take longer but the reward is worth it. Read more >>