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How to Make Fewer Subject Line Mistakes
3 min read

How to Make Fewer Subject Line Mistakes

How to Make Fewer Subject Line Mistakes

The subject line is a subscriber's first impression of your brand, but the success of those 50 characters goes far beyond the first touch. A successful subject line can lead to building and maintaining a relationship with your subscribers. An uncompelling or unsuccessful subject line can cause spam complaints, a lack of engagement, and eventually deliverability problems. It's important to understand why your users aren't engaging with your messages, and to ensure you are using the proper metrics to measure your email marketing success.
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9 Reasons Your Emails Get Rejected | Marketo

"Email is not the place to ask for a sale – it’s like asking your date to buy your dinner while you’re still eating appetizers. Many people read emails while they’re rushed, busy, or waiting in line for coffee, which is why an email is a great place to build relationships with your customers, or to educate them on your product or deals. Don’t address your greed – address their needs." Jared Flamm

If you’ve been noticing delivery and engagement metrics sloping downward, here are 9 tips from Marketo to help you pinpoint the cause and improve your messaging. Just like in real life, a good first impression goes far. Your subject line is the first thing a subscriber sees, and can make or break your email. Are you excited about the content in the email? If it bores you, it likely bores your subscriber. Don’t be afraid to bring some fun to your writing, just remember to keep it short and sweet. Content is important, but don’t forget to make your message look pretty. Read more >>

Subject Line Analysis Report Offers New Insight Into This Critical Content | ClickMail

"Subject lines can always benefit from optimization because they affect not only open and click-through rates, but unsubscribe rates as well." Marco Marini

The subject line of your email is the first impression a subscriber has of your brand. It is important to put your best foot forward and optimize this short text to deliver a memorable message. Adestra reviewed more than 3 billion attempted email sends and more than 400 million email opens to gather data on the best and worst words to use in a subject line. Using this data, they then published an in-depth subject line best practices report. Marco Marini takes us through an analysis of their findings and suggests how you can evaluate and improve your subsject lines. Read more >>

A new way to benchmark your email marketing | EmailMonday

"Companies want to know where and how they can improve their email marketing engagement. Often we look at the market and competitors, in order to create a truly helpful email marketing benchmark. Unfortunately, there is little use in benchmarking activity on the standard metrics (opens, clicks, etc.) because of their superficial value." Jordie van Rijn

How are you measuring your email marketing success? How can you tell if you are doing a good job, or if modifications need to be made? While tracking metrics like clicks and opens are helpful, is that enough to define whether your email marketing program is performing well? Jordie van Rijn suggests a new way to benchmark your email marketing and introduces two new metrics: the tease factor and the recipient intensity factor. The tease factor being defined as how interested the recipient is with your email, and the recipient intensity factor being defined as the number of contact points you have with the recipient. Learn how to map these new metrics, figure out where you fall short, and identify actionable ways to improve. Read more >>

Subject: Email, we just can't get enough | Adobe

"We found that outside of work, Americans most commonly check their email while watching TV (70%), from bed (52%), on vacation (50%), while on the phone (43%), from the bathroom (42%) and even—most dangerously—while driving (18%)." Kristin Naragon

In recent years there has been a push from traditional email marketing towards social media platforms due to the idea that social media is where people are spending the majority of their time. The truth is… it's not that simple. The Adobe Campaign team recently conducted a survey about the use of email among people 18 years and older. The Adobe team found that, on average, those surveyed reported using email 6 hours a day, or up to 30+ hours a week. Many said that email is constantly on their mind, checking both work and personal email throughout the day. Those surveyed feel bombarded with email both wanted and unwanted. This leads many to setup a new email address every so often to start fresh. To make your email messages stand out, the survey suggests re-investing in your emails, making sure messages are mobile friendly, are useful for the recipient, and are created with the reader in mind. Read more >>

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