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How to Use DataValidation to Clean Email Lists
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How to Use DataValidation to Clean Email Lists

How to Use DataValidation to Clean Email Lists

Are you having trouble keeping your email lists clean and in compliance with best practices and your Email Service Provider’s policies? No need to worry! DataValidation can substantially improve your marketing process by providing a reliable email validation service that helps you spend less time on technical details and focus more on achieving your goals.

What is DataValidation?

Sending emails to invalid addresses hurts your reputation as a sender. DataValidation is an easy-to-use, self-service application for checking and cleaning mailing lists. We provide a fast, accurate, intuitive, and secure platform that determines the deliverability of each contact. For each email list you upload or import using our native integrations, you will receive a free high-quality report, showing a detailed interactive summary of your list’s overall health score. We want to protect your reputation and improve deliverability, so you can get the most out of your email marketing efforts.

Using the DataValidation app

You can get started by creating an account in seconds. Choose to sign up with your email address or simply by using your existing account on your favorite platforms, such as MailChimp or HubSpot. Once you’re inside the app, start importing lists with our powerful integrations or upload them manually. Your emails will enter the verification process right away! We run several checks and verifications to determine the validity of an email address. As soon as the list is validated we’ll notify you via email that your free report is ready for you!

Understanding the free report

The free report is a useful tool for assessing the quality of your list. DataValidation is the only email validation service on the market that offers a comprehensive and accessible report for each list, even before purchasing.

We grade emails with A+, A, B, D, and F. If emails are marked as deliverable and engaged, they will receive an A+ grade, while the A grade marks deliverable contacts. It is always safe to send email campaigns to these email addresses!

Emails graded with Bs have been deemed to belong to catch-all domains. What does this mean? A catch-all server that accepts all emails means that the hostname has been set to accept all incoming email. This is commonly seen in business email addresses and, in many cases, the server will accept all emails and then soft bounce it back to the sender, which in turn hurts the sender's IP Reputation. Sending to an Accepts-All domain may increase your bounce rates and/or lower your open rates, and we do not recommend sending to this category. Email grades with Bs can be verified by checking the delivery history in your ESP and by sending a reconfirm campaign to older contacts.

If in checking an email address we cannot determine whether the contact is valid, we mark it with a D grade. The email address seems to have a mail server that is running and accepting connections, but we are unable to connect. You should not be sending communications to these contacts unless you had prior recent communication or validated them by sending a reconfirm campaign.

Finally, the F grade marks emails that have been deemed as undeliverable and are therefore invalid. Make sure to exclude these contacts from your list.

Purchasing validated lists

Once you’ve viewed your free report, it’s time to purchase your detailed analysis. Choose one or more validated lists, then add the lists to your cart. Once you’ve added the lists to the cart, you can proceed to checkout. You have the option to purchase your lists’ results straight up or you can buy token packs that benefit from tiered pricing.

As soon as you make your purchase, your emails will go through a final validation stage! We run several checks and verifications and analyze your list several times before giving you the final results. As always, we will notify you when your list is ready!

Understanding your purchase

Now that you’ve made your purchase and received your reports, you can notice that we have several download options: a Safe List, with all safe-to-send-to emails, along with an Everything List, with all your original data. If you have linked your ESP account, your validated list will be transferred without you having to export and import it manually.

You have now taken the first step to have a successful campaign with lower bounce rates, higher deliverability, and increased opens & clicks.

DataValidation recommends validating your list monthly, to keep your mailing lists clean.  Our service comes with a 97% deliverability guarantee, which means that sending emails to the A and A+ graded emails should have a bounce rate smaller than 3%. If by any means, your bounce rate exceeds 3%, we will refund the difference back to you!

Start using DataValidation and explore the simple and efficient tools that help you boost your email marketing results.

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