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If You Love Your Subscribers, Let Them Go [Part 2]
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If You Love Your Subscribers, Let Them Go [Part 2]

If You Love Your Subscribers, Let Them Go [Part 2]

Making the decision to send a re-engagement campaign is tough because it involves letting all of those uninterested “leads” go. If you’ve decided it’s time to kick your inactive subscribers to the curb, then you are half way there. You now see all of the benefits clearly, and you're in the right place! It's time to create a sweet re-engagement campaign.

These campaigns have the ability to clarify what type of content your subscribers love, when they want to receive it, and how frequently. Not only do these campaigns give confirmation of your email marketing efforts, but, more importantly, they help to keep a highly responsive and engaged email list. Making the move to keep your lists as up-to-date as possible has the ability to strengthen your email testing, on-boarding process, and overall communication with customers.

Steps To Make Your Campaign Successful

  1. Identify your target group. Define what makes an active or inactive subscriber. Is this based on time or action? (i.e. time since last open or whether the user clicked) If you base it on time, send a campaign to all customers who have not opened or engaged with your emails in x-amount of time. Decide this time frame based on your product/service buying cycle.

  2. Define what type of campaign you should send based on your company and customer base.

  3. Plan your re-engagement strategy. Is this a one-time deal or will you be sending a drip campaign (multiple emails)?

  4. Before sending: Segment your subscribers into groups based on prior engagement or activity to get the most granular results possible.

  5. After sending: Segment these groups even further based on those who open email, respond, click on links within emails, opt-in to keep receiving content, or simply overlook your email.

  6. Finally, remove all subscribers from your email list who are unresponsive. Yes, remove them.

It may sound like a lot of work, but your sender reputation is the only thing that ensures your emails get delivered. You have to work to protect it.

You've finally reached the fun part! Now it's time to decide what type of reengagement campaign you want to send. The type of campaign depends on your company, your product/service offering, and the type of customer you have. Here are a few we think are pretty cool, and some suggestions on how to make the most of them.

Introduce Website Improvements

If you’ve made improvements, why not brag about them? Let your subscribers know what you are up to, and give them a reason to continue engaging with your company. Make them want to come back! Provide an opportunity to expand on your bragging, because surely they’ll want to “Learn More.”


  • Share customers’ favorites and invite subscribers to check them out.
  • Provide social proof of the number of customers you’ve helped.
  • Feature new products/service, but show off the benefits. Benefits are powerful.

Make Subscribers Feel Special

Some people need to be reminded just how special they are! Let your subscribers know why you appreciate them, that you are thankful for their relationship, and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to keep them around. Approach your subscribers as those friends who always want to stay in the know.


  • Remind your subscribers how the two of you have been together.
  • Give them something extra special to show you’re thankful.
  • Provide an incentive and ask them to share your offer with others.
  • Invite customers to make the most out of an experience others love.
  • Offer them something new, something they cannot refuse.

Confirm Your Relationship

If you feel like your communication has been a one-way street lately, you may need some confirmation that it still exists. Don’t be scared to ask if a subscriber still wants to hear from you. The worst they can say is no.


  • Ask them if they even remember who you are.
    Give cues as to when the two of you started a relationship.
  • Provide unsubscribe options around timing, frequency and content.
  • Check to see if subscribers feel the way you do.

Offer An Incentive Or Last Chance

Work your way back into customers’ hearts by attempting to reconcile the relationship. Offer something special your subscriber cannot resist, something they cannot live without, or an offer that cannot be passed up.


  • Let your customer know you are aware of their unresponsiveness, then ask for them back.
  • Provide an exclusive offer for the service/product/content the customer loves.
  • Make the customer feel like they are receiving a true reward.
  • Relate to the customer, speak to them in their language.

Give Your Subscribers Options

Sometimes it’s okay to play the “we don’t want to bother you anymore” card. You’ve tried hard to make this relationship work and it isn’t quite doing the trick.


  • Invite customer to update their subscription preferences with you.
  • Give them more options to stay connected instead of using one Call to Action.
  • Provide multiple ways for customers to contact you.
  • Offer “favorites” or “popular content” to find out what interests them most.

While we understand that each company and customer are different, these 15 campaigns do a great job of showing you some options to engage your customers, grab their attention, and offer them something special to give you a second chance.

You may love your subscribers and don't want to let them go, but by confirming your relationship you'll gain valuable insight and benefits. Have a great reengagement campaign you'd like to share? Post it below.

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