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New integration: Zapier + DataValidation
1 min read

New integration: Zapier + DataValidation

New integration: Zapier + DataValidation

We’re really excited to announce our integration with Zapier, which brings the full power of DataValidation to more than 750 applications, so you can focus on your content and not the technical details.

Your time is valuable. Why waste it doing tasks that a computer could handle for you? Our new integration with Zapier gives you that time back.

How does Zapier work with email validation?

Zapier is a web automation tool that lets you easily connect different apps to automate time-consuming tasks. A Zap is an automated workflow that connects two or more apps. When something happens in one app, it can trigger an action in another app without you having to even lift a finger.

Take a look at our Zapier page.

The Zapier + DataValidation integration is going to help you become an automated, data-informed marketing team. Workflows that used to take hours can happen automatically. And workflows that never existed can be put into place in an afternoon. Marketing and sales automation just took a huge step forward. The insite that email validation provides on an address by address basis can now be easily shared across your applications.

Learn how to setup your first Zap with DataValidation: How to integrate DataValidation with your favourite apps using Zapier

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