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Screw My ESP, I'm Sending My Campaign Through Gmail
2 min read

Screw My ESP, I'm Sending My Campaign Through Gmail

Are you trying to decide whether to use an email service provider to send marketing emails? Are you frustrated with your ESP? Have you been blocked from sending email?

If you’re thinking, “Screw my ESP, I’m going to send campaigns through Gmail”, you should reconsider.

There are several major issues with sending marketing messages through Gmail.

  • Your email address is associated with your computer's IP address. If your marketing emails get a couple of complaints, your IP reputation will be affected and ISPs will start routing all of your mail to to the spam folder.

  • There is no feedback loop available to you. A feedback loop alerts you when a user complains or reports your email as SPAM, and is usually offered through an ISP (like Yahoo or AOL). Gmail has recently launched a dedicated FBL for ESPs.

  • Your IP reputation will be damaged. This is measured by the number of monthly emails, spam complaints, unknown recipients, opened emails, and spam traps. Once your IP has been blocked, it can be painful getting a new IP up and running.
    Worst case scenario, Gmail can (and will) suspend your email account. Meaning you will not be able to access your business contacts or receive or reply to any email.

  • List maintenance is a nightmare. Bounces have to be tracked and removed manually.

  • Zero analytics. If you are using email marketing, you may as well use it intelligently.

  • Authentication can be a headache. Gmail has a slew of rules on proper authentication for bulk mail. Overlook those and you’re as good as blocked.

It is not uncommon for good senders to get marked as spammers by ISPs. With the US producing one-third of the world’s spam, good senders must set themselves apart. The easiest way to do so is by sending your email through an Email Service Provider.

Email service providers like MailChimp take care of all of these issues for you. There is no surefire “set it and forget it” way to manage an email list or send successful email marketing campaigns. There are free tools like FlashIssue and MailChimp to educate and empower your email marketing efforts.

We only addressed a few of the issues with sending email marketing campaigns through Gmail.
What other problems should marketers anticipate? Would using an email list validation service solve the problem?