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The 4 Types of Relationships - Email Marketing Edition!
2 min read

The 4 Types of Relationships - Email Marketing Edition!

The 4 Types of Relationships - Email Marketing Edition!

As an email marketer, you’ll find that not all subscribers respond to campaigns the same way. Some are responsive and active. Others … well … not so much. Here are four types of relationships you’ll experience at some point during your email campaigning journey:

  1. The Unsubscriber: He’s/She’s just not that into you!
    The title says it all. This user just lost interest. The relationship started off swell. They went to your website, signed up for your subscription, but then … unsubscribed? What? IGBOK - “It’s Gonna Be OK”. Don’t worry, this is actually a good thing. Your campaigns are now more directed towards those that are interested and desire to receive your mail! Do not be discouraged!

  2. Idle: ouch.. you’ve been ghosted!
    This type of user subscribed to your subscription but then went COMPLETELY unresponsive! They got the coupon code they needed, and then, BAM! They vanished into the blue. And nobody had ever heard of or seen them ... again.

  3. Occasionally active: Let’s just be friends!
    This subscriber signed up to your subscription and isn’t very active, but isn’t completely idle either. They do come out of their shell to open your emails from time to time. They may even make seasonal purchases, but for the most part, you don’t hear too much from them.

  4. Actively present: the best kind of love!
    This person subscribed to your emails and is active! Hurray! They open your emails, click your links and tell everyone about the super great subscription you have! These are the people you want to keep happy. Never let them go! This is true love and every email marketer’s dream!

Which type of relationship have you experienced so far? At some point you will experience them all, and that’s perfectly normal. Moving forward, here are 3 tips to help you improve future email marketing relationships:

  • When a user unsubscribes, find out why by giving a quick and optional survey on the unsubscribe page.
  • Segment your lists so that you effectively target your campaigns to the interest of each subscriber.
  • Keep a close eye on your previous campaigns, analyzing actives/inactives. Send a “We miss you!” email to the inactives.

Pause! Before you send that “We Miss You!” email or next campaign, be sure your email list isn’t stale! Email lists deteriorate quickly over time, and sending to undeliverable addresses is risky and dangerous! Make sure to keep an eye on your list and clean your email list. Email list validation is a good practice to have and it helps keep your contact list up to date and ready to send.

By using our email validation app, you can get a FREE quality check for every email list quickly and securely. This includes a preview of your detailed results without ever entering your credit card details. Once you’ve viewed the reports, you can then decide to add the list to your cart and purchase the detailed address-by-address analysis.
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